*MUST Watch* I485 Adjustment Of Status – What Happens Next? Until you get the Green Card

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I-485 Adjustment of Status – What Happens Next? Lets find out.


Disclaimer: I am not an immigration lawyer and all the information in this video is available on public domain. Your specific immigration issues should be discussed with an immigration attorney.
For Canada immigration: cic.gc.ca
US immigration: uscis.gov

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42 thoughts on “*MUST Watch* I485 Adjustment Of Status – What Happens Next? Until you get the Green Card”

  1. Hi , we filed adjustment of status last year May 5,2019 and got my biometrics on June 24,2019 and we asked the offices inside the uscis if what’s the next step after biometrics, he said the next step is for green card interview. September 25 ,2019 I received my EAD card & advance Parole and will expired September 25,2020 and it’s been more than a year now I didn’t receive a notice for my green card interview. I’m from Seattle,WA state .

  2. And If I renew my EAD & AP how long the process before I receive my renewed EAD & AP?
    how long can I stay abroad using the AP? Thank you

  3. Hi
    My I-485 is in process. I recently got married in India. What is the best way for me to get visa for her. Can I put amendment in my I-485.
    Your reply will be very helpful. Thanks

  4. Hi Mandar garu I have a question that, Can a Pakistani citizen on tourist Visa marry Indian H1B? What are the implications that the couple has to go through?

  5. Hi Mandar again and another question is Can a Pakistani woman who was married to a US Citizen, got divorced and if her GC is in Pending status in the Court because of the Divorce that husband claimed she married for the sake of GC, can she marry a H1 B from India while her GC Denial case is pending in the Immigration Court in Alabama state? And H1 B is in California state? And the H1 B has his i 140 approved.

  6. Mandarji,
    Our lawyer had submitted our i485 Application on 29th Oct, but till now we have not received case number. Any idea about the time duration to receive case number?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. Hello Sir, What happens if a person loses(denied/expired) his/her current legal status like (H1B) while I485 is pending – (received only receipt) no EAD yet?

  8. Hi Mandar, I have filed my I-485 under EB3 India and my priority date is Oct '14. So if I want to switch my employer based on GC-EAD when do I need to submit the I-485-Supplement J and do I need to submit every time when I filed my I-765 renewal?

  9. Thanks for the vid. Good job. Random comment..being a person with OCD something irritates please fix the photos behind you to be leveled.

  10. Im already in the US, i live in Florida, Im a USRN with an H4 visa will i still undergo interview after the biometrics?

  11. Thanks a lot. Detailed and Informative. Just a query: after getting i485 receipt (eb2 to eb3 downgrade), if eligible: can i apply upgrade to eb1 so that my final action day becomes current?

  12. Very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a question. My EAD expires in April 2021. I have already filed the extension on November 2020 but have not gotten any reply or letter on the mail. Is this normal? On USCIS website, it says that the EAD renewal will be automatic as long as we filed the renewal on time. I’m PERM – EB3. Hope you can give reply with your honest point of view. Thank you in advance.

  13. My daughter has got receipt so also my son in law. Now my son in law got biometric and also EAD card but my still waiting for biometric appointment . Both got receipt on the same date. What are possible reasons. What she must do now

  14. My immigration attorney told me that I don't need to do the medical for GC during AOS document submission. Now, I will get my EAD/AP and the priority date for Final Action is not current. Do I need to go for Medical only when the Final Action Date is current?

  15. Let me know please, what if my priority date is current (even 6 month in the past), my i140 is approved. I just submitted my i485, i765 etc… When can I expect to receive Receipt notice letter? After 2-3 month as you mentioned in another video or after about 10 days? Thank you!!!

  16. Hi Sir, my i140 is approved and I am in Canada now. Can i file a H1B non cap exempt visa to enter US?

  17. my GC date is current , now they want i-485 J supplement, How much time a lawyer will take to make these documents and send to uscis and what is the process after that .

  18. My 7 year old was not 10-printed, his was only one finger. We were told that young children are not 10-printed.

  19. My wife is LPR, she petition me PD January 31, 2018 current & Approved. I'm her in the US using B2 visa entered last November 2020. Last February 2021 i Filed I-485 adj of status.i still didn't recieve my Reciept Notice. My I-94 expire on May 16,2021 am i still okey to stay while waiting my Reciept Notice even my I-94 expired? I file I-485 after 90 days on the date i entered US.

  20. I heard that some of the applications have green card interview waived. Do you know roughly what % of cases are having interview waived?

  21. I have a few questions – my filing date is current, I applied for my i485, ead, and AP, and have already gone for the bio-metrics, and received my EAD+AP card. My final action date is not current yet. Now, let's say I plan to get married to an Indian citizen in India in the next few months. Scenario 1 – IF by the time of my wedding/application of her H4, my final action date is still not current, what is the process to add her name to my i485 application? Scenario 2 – IF by the time of my wedding/application of her H4, my final action date becomes current but interview invitation is pending, what is the process to add her name in my i485 application? Scenario 3 – IF I get called for the interview prior to the wedding, I go for the interview, what would be the process in that case?
    Thanks for the video!

  22. Nice informative video
    I have one question to you.
    I’ came in USA as f1 visa. Then I got married here and have a one baby. My wife filled for me. I already got receipt letter * notice of action 5months before of i485, i765 and i131. My concern is- do I need to maintain my f1 status now. ?

  23. Hi Mandar, My understanding is that you do not necessarily have to have a job while waiting for your green card interview if you filed under EB2-NIW category. Please confirm. Thank you

  24. Is the interview process sitll mandatory for I-485 approval? I read this on one of the videos, it's a comment from one of the viewers – It’s been 3 years we still waiting for greencard interview eb3 category. Our Filing and final action dates are current since we filed in November 2018 but still no interview update or date. It’s too much frustrating when for years you see no response from uscis. Hoping new administration will do something now…

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