Naturalization and USCIS Background Checks

In this video we’ll review the systems that USCIS uses to check the criminal and immigration history of not just naturalization applicants, but all applicants for immigration benefits. We’ll go a little in-depth the IDENT system, a DHS database and identification system that not too many people know about. Warning: This technological topic is rapidly evolving and somewhat secretive so I’ll be speculating at times, and the information is very volatile, so what may be true today may not be true tomorrow. #naturalization #I130 #I485 #N-400


11 thoughts on “Naturalization and USCIS Background Checks”

  1. Thanks for your information, I have question please, how long time the background check take to be done as remove condition. Thanks

  2. This is Md. Shuhan from Bangladesh. One of my younger brothers has been living in NY, USA since 2004 after getting DV lottery visa. Now my parents are also living with him being immigrent. My brother has applied for my immigration visa in Nov, 2016.  He says that it will take 13+ years for my immigration visa.
    At present, he wants to bring me in New York. As our parents are sick for many diseases and old ages, it would be better to look after them if I will be by his side. 
    If you have any opportunities to help me giving idea for getting a multiple visa of USA, please let me know. 
    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.  

  3. What happens if a person, after completing the extension of status, and is out of status continue to remain in the US. What are the implications

  4. Excellent video. no immigration lawyer has ever been so detailed and pointed in regards to the background check. thumbs up.

  5. Can an individual request for DHS Ident background check report?
    Can all these background check's be carried out to obtain non criminal records?

  6. Thank you, it was a fantastic video about USCIS background checks. One question though, how long this whole process takes to complete from the day once gives Biometric to the day USCIS receives the report?

  7. Does "Pineda Law Firm" help to obtain non criminal certificates from DHS, which can be apostilled?

  8. Hi ,
    I am greencard,
    I filed I 130 for my prior wife then withdraw the application right away and she never made it to USA . Last year I file for n400 and I did not mention anything about my prior and just put my current wife name , will this be a problem that I forgot to mention my prior wife in my N400 (as I have file I 130 for her and withdraw it )?

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