Nauker Full Movie | Sanjeev Kumar | Jaya Bachchan | Hindi Comedy Movie

Hindi Comedy Movie Nauker (1979)
Starring : Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bachchan, Jalal Agha, Mehmood, Madhu Malini, Yogeeta Bali.
Director: Ismail Memon, Producer: Ismail Memon

Synopsis: Amar Babu (Sanjeev Kumar) is a rich man. His wife has died leaving behind her a little sweet daughter, who needs the love of mother. But Amar Babu is afraid of the second marriage, for he thinks that the step mother would not give his daughter the much-needed affection.

Dayal (Mehmood ) is a servant in the house of Amar Babu. But he is more than a brother to him. One day Amar Babu has to bow down to the wishes of his relatives and decides for the marriage. Now Amar Babu is in a fix. How to select a girl who should be an ideal wife and mother is his biggest problem! He decides to see the girl and tells Dayal that he will take his place. Amar Babu becomes Dayal and vice versa. Both go to see the girl in the house of Manmohan Krishan & Lalita Pawar, who have two daughters Madhu Malini and Meena T. Jaya Bhaduri, is also working as a maid servant in the same house. Amar Babu now turned Dayal gets a shabby place to live by the side of Jaya Bhaduri, Dayal receives the best of treatment.

How Amar Babu selects the girl and whom he selects is all shown in the film, which is full of comedy by Sanjeev Kumar and Mehmood with a touch of social background.

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