NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – June 3rd, 2021

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, A frenzy of buying AMC Entertainment stock continues as meme-stock traders fuel a surge of more than 100 percent. 
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30 thoughts on “NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – June 3rd, 2021”

  1. Robert Hopp says:

    There was a historical and armed "invasion" by the states of California and Texas by US military. And this is what to US does to a populace who comes into the US.

  2. Robert Hopp says:

    It's interesting how some looking for jobs and how some are looking for welfare. Oh the American way.

  3. Robert Hopp says:

    When I was in college, I had a temporary job at a General Motors assembly plant in MI. There was a requirement that everyone except elevator operators were required to wear safety glass. If you did not wear safety glass, you got ONE warning. After that, you were out the door. Should or could this be a model for Coronovirus and getting the immunization and wearing a mask.

  4. Helen Heard says:

    That's why we have so many sickness, some things are not meant for man to eat. Nasty

  5. Mary Denk says:

    $300. or $3000. Big difference.

  6. Ali Durand says:

    Matt’s going through some things.

  7. Shawna Star says:

    What are the numbers of people in nursing homes that are dying? How many had the vaccine? How many did not. How many employees were confirmed to have “brought it in”?

  8. Shawna Star says:

    I bet not one of the 50 over 50 is a conservative or Christian.

  9. Eric says:

    Lock him up

  10. Mary Jo Sementilli says:

    Matt Gaetz is ugly.

  11. Mary Jo Sementilli says:

    That's just peachy, mordor wins again. Hel never be charged,

  12. Beverly Dermady says:

    I’m sure there’s people here in the United States that could mess up Russia’s Corporations too. Maybe we should go that route. Eye for an eye!!!!

  13. Beverly Dermady says:

    Mexican men are being allowed into the country because there’s so many crops to pick.

  14. JA YE says:

    The Feds should use tools like Seal Team 6 to assassinate hackers, or hire bounty hunters.

  15. Benjamin Stubblefield says:

    I called Gretzky “Frat Boy’ since he thought he was doing something, storming a meeting!

  16. 3N03HTON says:

    Fraudcii say man who stand on toilet is high on pot.

  17. 3N03HTON says:

    We could send our unwanted egislation over chachayyyna Nd let let destroy them trojan horse style.

  18. 3N03HTON says:

    Look they send plane. Sum ting wong

  19. Janel Cartrett says:

    Trump Won

  20. valiantstallion says:

    This is the epitome of annoying.

  21. Rudy Kalkbasepijpje says:

    Call Trump, is'n he friends with Russia?

  22. Jerry Green says:

    Didn't Eric Swelwell have connections with a Chinese spy? Isn't he on the Intelligence Committee. Not very intelligent to me.
    Fang Fang ‘honey trap spy’ scandal involving Eric Swalwell ‘surprised’ GOP House members who ask ‘did Pelosi know?’

  23. Patriot DianaQ Sovereign Woman says:

    PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. Bye bye forever soon TREASON

  24. Patriot DianaQ Sovereign Woman says:


  25. Latawsha Maulson says:

    Are they dumb enough to think people are going to trust this……if this isn't some type of mental game,..they keep having negative evening s play all over the media…ok so then the government is w so fire everyone in office….

  26. Latawsha Maulson says:





  27. EMUSE U2 says:

    Define 'conservative'

  28. Bruce Hendrickson says:

    Turning into the Jerry Springer show .

  29. Jared K says:

    Before Mussolini became the fascist leader of Italy he was a journalist!!!
    Same propaganda tactics men like Stalin and Hitler being used on you today people turn this crap off

  30. A W says:

    Mika B is wrong. It's child care AND a living wage!!!

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