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Every Doctor that is looking to work within the NHS, will have to carry out certain pre employment Checks for the individual Trust.

Here, Daniel Platts from BDI Resourcing, explains the pre employment Checks for NHS Jobs, what is usually required and how to carry these out.

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7 thoughts on “NHS Pre Employment Checks | BDI Resourcing”

  1. I am a Pediatrician in India. How DCH (UK) exam is different from MRCHCH in getting job in NHS. Means what will be difference in role and salary of MRCHCH and DCH pass outs?

  2. I am a doctor from Nigeria , and I would like to work in the NHS, do I have to go through the plab route or is there any other way to get that done. Thanks In anticipation

  3. Greeting!
    Thank for this insightful video.
    Is there a case where a conditional offer of employment is revoked? If so how often does this happen?
    Reason for asking is that I just received one such offer and I am anxious to get my CoS.

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