Not hearing back after interview and the Recruiter is not responding? Here’s why…

Not hearing back after interview and the Recruiter is not responding? Here’s why…

Have you ever been ghosted after job interview? You know, when you’re waiting to hear back after a job interview, you do the requisite interview follow up, yet the recruiter is not responding and you’re left waiting after job interview. A subscriber requested a deep dive into a company might ghost you after interview – and I totally get it. Not hearing back after interview is super frustrating. If you’re waiting to hear back from a job join me today so we can discuss the typical wait time after interview so you know if your wait time is normal or ridiculous, reasons you haven’t heard back on your interview (or at least common reasons companies have for going dark), and most importantly what you should do when you are not hearing back after the job interview.


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25 thoughts on “Not hearing back after interview and the Recruiter is not responding? Here’s why…”

  1. Yeah, What is Up with that Ghosting GF ? Freakin Annoying !!!! Always Great advice !

  2. I've been passed over for jobs that I felt qualified for. Not to sound entitled and above everyone else, but some workplaces just make really poor decisions when it comes to hiring applicants.

  3. For us, it's all about time. For the company, it's all about risk. They have all the time in the world – or so it seems when we are the ones waiting

  4. Good information. In my case, a company phone interviewed me and after, asked me for my Skype ID as they want to make a Skype call the next Monday. Two days later, they contacted me asking for a cover letter. I spent three hours writing the cover letter and was waiting for their Skype call the next Monday. They never called me or responded to my emails. It's been weeks. This was outrageous. But I moved on as it was a good experience and got to know their practices.

  5. I applied to work at a thrift store and got an interview, which I was looking forward to. A young woman asked me a few basic questions and the interview went well. I got a 2nd interview, which seemed questionable at this point but went for it anyways. Pretty much the same questions with a different young woman. I didn't get hired and this process was pretty sketchy.

  6. If a company goes for IPO or for some other reason the job interview is on hold, is it so difficult for them to inform the people they are interviewing with? It seems like we are forgetting that a job contract is an equal contract between two parties not between a slave and a master. If two companies were striking a deal does it make sense that one of them ghosts the other because they are going for IPO? No way. Actually, everything boils down to "whoever has the power and the money can do whatever he/she wants" and this behaviour gives an impression of how much you will be valued once you get the job in that company.

  7. Hi what if after Maki g it to the final 3rd round and the employer writes to me to tell me to keep waiting and it's been 4 months what do I do. The employer writes to me every two weeks to let me know that a decision has still not been made. I have asked them to reject me or to Co firm if I have the job but they just keep telling me to wait. What do I do

  8. I feel depressed about getting ghosted after an internship interviewer. The guy was really rude and condescending to me during the interview too 🙁

  9. I applied for a Senior Accountant position and had a 30 minute phone interview with the hiring manager and then 2 weeks later a 1 hour zoom interview with 3 employees at the company including the hiring manager. Now I've heard nothing since then which was two weeks ago. I know that money isn't the issue since we discussed my salary expectations and they were okay with it during the first phone interview. I was never asked for my references after the second interview. I am assuming I'm out of the running but wondered why the 2nd interview then ?? Is that common ??

  10. I was only "Ghosted" once, but as an older job seeker I have NEVER received any constructive feedback from a Recruiter or Hiring Authority as to why I was rejected after an interview. Since my resume hides my age, it leads me to believe the issue, in many cases, is Age discrimination.

  11. I respect Jennifer's expertise, but this list was five reasons too long. Just like dating, if they wanted you they'd reach out to you. Every detail in-between is just window dressing to same ending


  12. Main reason is "just not that into you". Another one is some places want to see how patient you are and how badly you want to work there as they play head games as part of their process.

  13. Blah Blah Blah….
    They don't like one or more of the following:
    1. You sound like a black person
    2. You have a Latino last name
    3. You sound old
    4. You are a black person
    4. You are a Latino, or look like one
    5. You are old
    6. You don't pass they're "pretty enough" or you "exceed their ugly maximum allowance"

    Are we through now with the bullshit?

  14. I really resonated with this, I decided to send a follow up email to show my initiative, so hopefully they can see that

  15. Being ghosted is even more disappointing when it happens for an internal position. It makes you not want to work for that department, with the likelihood of leaving the company altogether.

  16. If a company doesn’t call you after 2 weeks… move on. Simple. The rest are excuses. Period.

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