Now they want Gun Licenses?… because existing Background checks are… working???

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In today’s video, we discuss how the left wing media organization Vox has said that “Universal background checks and Assault Weapons Bans won’t work…”. They said this in order to pitch “Gun Licenses”… Let’s discuss people!

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35 thoughts on “Now they want Gun Licenses?… because existing Background checks are… working???”

  1. Anything that requires a license is not a right but a privilege that can be taken at anytime. Take your right to travel freely is denied you by a driver's license, unconstitutional but now a privilege just the same.

  2. No gun licenses in constitution….. no 10 day wait in constitution. No restrictions. Just need decent people mebbe we can concentrate on that.

  3. Hold on though…. according to their same line of thought, requiring licenses to own weapons would be a “racist” move. According to their same line of thought, this licensing requirement would “suppress minorities” ability to defend themselves as they will not be able to pay the fees associates with licensing or even be able to go downtown to begin the process.

  4. Again another pointless attempt from the Commies that does nothing to address criminals who commits gun violence. [yawn]

  5. Haha…..this is pathetic. So….violance isn't the answer eh? Enjoy your guns boys and girls because you won't have'em for much longer. Just remember folks when your neighbor got raided for their guns and you watched so don't be surprised when the same thing happens to you! Viva the underdogs.

  6. Maybe someone needs to slowly read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to these "Swamp /Sewer dwellers " seeing how they take an oath to uphold them.

  7. I don’t believe anything they do doesn’t have a nefarious purpose. Licenses just gives them more eyes on law abiding citizens and guns are their favorite control of choice. We all know there are people who do not have licenses period for many things like driving a car and a license to drive, legal voting, insurance, pretty much everything they want to do without any trace.

  8. Yeah, because driving licenses stop speeding, hunting licenses stop out-of-season poaching and hunting, medical licenses stop medical malpractice and commercial peddling of drugs, the list goes on.

  9. Licenses are for granting privileges

    The right of self defense is a God given right.

    The Constitution is a document of the people, which limits the governments reach. It does not, as some think or wish, list the things the government will allow us to do. That is not how it works sportsfans.

    So the second amendment says simply “the people reserve the right to arm themselves as a personal decision, and the government need not concern themselves with it, because we do not grant the government the privilege of allowing or denying the people to protect themselves against whatever evil presents itself.

    You could address it as an amendment, but that takes what? A 60% vote in the senate and ratification by 2/3 of the states? Is that it?
    NOT by Ole Slow Joe scribbling an “X” on a proclamation.

  10. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not grant us any rights! The Bill of Rights recognizes God given Rights that pre-exists the formation of this government!

  11. The vox article cites Massachusetts' 'May Issue" system, in which an elected official decides who shall have permission to buy a gun. Clearly, the author wants to take this system nationally, giving the President the authority to deny gun sales. Clearly, a second-term president is immune from political consequence of such an act.

  12. China. Can't attack if we are armed. China is the new topic you need to look into bro ✌ 2 A from L.A.

  13. So an illegal that crossed the border and carries a Russian handgun and an AK-47 into a DEMOCRAP RUN city that where it is illegal to carry a gun. What do you think that person might do since they are the only one that has the guns?

    The same gunman enters Texas and tries the same stunt. What do you think the gunman would do?

    In Democrap run city, the illegal will just shoot them up until police get there. More people are injured or worst.

    In Texas, might think twice. If the gunman is stupid and tries, well, Texas people would protect themselves and fire back. The illegal gunman would not make it that far with just the first shot. By the time the police get to the scene, it's done and over with. Saved by the LAW BIDING CITIZENS OF TEXAS.

    Facts don't lie once you check the murder rates.

  14. In Australia, in early 1970's, licences were introduced. Several years later, firearm registration was introduced. Firearm crime and multiple shootings still occurred. The Federal and State Governments got together and banned many types of firearms and paid money to those who surrendered them. Stricter licence and shooter laws were introduced. Now all our governments know who the law abiding people with firearms are and what firearms they have. In the future something horrible will again happen with firearms, people will be enraged and the governments will come for those people with firearms. The good people will lose their firearms and the bad people wont be affected. Hey but governments aren't afraid of armed crooks. Armed crooks keep people afraid, so the 'government' can protect them. Government employees will be armed and 'the people' wont.

  15. Maybe we need a "Common Sense License" for those running for a government office? Term Limits would help. only somewhat.

  16. there are Millions of Second Amendment supporters across this great country of ours so come election time we all need to vote out any politician that supports taking our
    god given and constitutional rights away from us .

  17. So, if “gun licenses” are in fact Unconstitutional, then why do certain states, NY in particular, require a license/permit to own a pistol? Now, that’s NOT a license to carry. That’s just a license or what we call a Pistol Permit to own and keep in your home.

  18. Already got one. It's called the Constitution and till these clowns read it and comprehend it they can go pound sand. SMH

  19. Kiryu hit the nail right on the head. How can anyone correlate licensing with crime prevention. First, the licensing of drivers does not prevent the thousands of injuries and death’s that occur annually that are ultimately attributed to driver’s who get behind the wheel with no desire or premeditated intentions of Harming or killing anyone. The purpose behind licensing of gun owners is plain to see. It is for the purpose of establishing a data base of those who the power elite consider enemies of their plan’s of subjugating the masses to their dominating yoke of tyranny. To have Your identity and the fact You own, use, possess the essential tools of a Free and independent citizen entered into a data base or any other reference is to submit to becoming much like a dairy cow to be controlled and milked. The advantage of anonymity that a population containing those who possess bold and patriotic ardor to oppose oppression is thus lost. The Bible warns against the dangerous desire to be a friend to all, or to compromise essential liberties in pursuit of safety as Benjamin Franklin said. To even entertain a thought of agreeing to any part of such proposals is to submit and surrender to the seductive inducements of beguiling cozener’s, as disgusting and hateful as having our women be at the beck and call of these scum or of becoming a bitch for them. Leccano tutti lo stesso piatto, or like the banditti Comanchero in the Undeafeted proposing to Rock Hudson’s character, “give us Your Guns and Your Women”. Yes do as the Democrats propose and You too can trade the lifestyle of of free and independent people for getting jerked off.

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