Oculus Rift S Basics Tutorial

Welcome to Oculus Rift S! This video tutorial series will cover all the basic information you’ll need to get started with your new device, from initial setup help to in-VR navigation tips.

Device Setup – :03
Play Area Setup – 4:41
Maintenance & Care – 5:33
Wearing Rift S with Glasses – 7:01
Navigating in VR – 7:18

For more information, troubleshooting help, and customer support, check out the Oculus Support Center at


The Oculus Compatibility Tool referenced by this video has been deprecated.
Please see the Oculus Rift and Rift S minimum requirements and system specifications support page for information related to compatibility:



32 thoughts on “Oculus Rift S Basics Tutorial”

  1. Everytime I go to select my profile picture on the app it just takes me to a blank grey screen and just freezes

  2. Id really like one but a bit skeptical after what Oculus did to all the Samsung Gear VR customers. they discontinued the service and left everyone with paperweights. What assurance do they give that they wont do they same with the rift.

  3. The oculus rift s sucks, I recommend getting something like the quest because the rift was designed to crash your pc.

  4. What do i do if my internet doesn't work on my computer only when i connect the the rift s and open the oculus app? Please help

    (Haha techsupport vane funnyyy)

  5. what if you have a Windows 10 and you don't have pc cases, and you have to run some games in low resolution but it's really decent. You also have 587GB space left? can you still run the VR or no?

  6. mine still doesnt work even tho it is plugged into a USB 3.0 and the other one is plugged into my dedicated graphics card so can someone explain to me why it still doesnt detect them

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