One Of The Main Reasons For Canadian Study Visa Refusals

There are lots of mistakes one may make when applying for a visa to Canada but in this video we discuss one of the fundamental mistakes applicants commit when they prepare an application for a study permit. And of course we are discussing the ways of avoiding these errors in the future and how to present the visa application properly.

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31 thoughts on “One Of The Main Reasons For Canadian Study Visa Refusals”

  1. Hi I have a bachelors degree in industrial chemistry and I intend to pursue a masters degree in management. Although my bachelors degree is not directly in line with my intended masters degree, I took two courses at my undergraduate level directly relating to it and I have also taken 3 online courses relating to management.

    I also believe I have a strong statement of purpose what are my chances of getting a study permit?

  2. I am currently living in the USA with my parents who are Green Card holders. I am going to apply for Canada study permit. Can my parents accompany me to Canada?

  3. my friend is living in uk on asylum. Her sister wants to apply to canada for study visa? would her sibling's asylum status would effect her canada study visa application ?? She is very concerned.plz tell

  4. what if as in my case i have done masters in biotechnology and going for biotechnology fasttrack pg diploma why did i got refusal as there is so much to study furthur in it in case of practical knowledge and which i didn't received here… why i got refusal on this?

  5. Hi,
    My wife have 16 years education and she got pastry and cutlery management 2 year diploma undergraduate offer letter from George brown college. We need your suggestion she should apply for study permit.

  6. Hi, i'm 55 years old, i intend to study in Canada. Is there any chance to get the visa, study permit…thank you !

  7. Hi , my payment deadline in 29 april and i want to apply for study permit and to pay later when i got the study permit , dose the payment delay affect my study permit application if i proof Sufficient amount of funds

  8. hello sir i have ielts overall 6.5 but in reading 5 band and i already got the offer letter from college so is my reading score affect my study permit visa ?

  9. Hi sir , how much classes reports are requried for Diploma in Canadian colleges ? This would help me a lot ❤

  10. Hi sir,
    if i show a personal loan in a fixed deposit for 2 consecutive years as show money will that create an issue for a study permit?

  11. Hello sir, I'm having a bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, but having 8 years gap teaching in Thailand. Due to the time spent teaching in Thailand, I want to do diploma program in Medical Laboratory Assistant cuz I want to move back to my country and open a Medical Laboratory. What are my chances for obtaining a student visa to Canada?

  12. Hi Sir, what happens if you were a student visa in UK and you overstayed but you leave voluntarily in UK and it has been 5 years already. Would it affect my application as a student visa in Canada? Thank you

  13. Hello there sir i had passed my 11th grade on 2013 and i did gave my 12th exam this year and i also tried doing diploma but i did dropout on my 5th semester in 2016 because i realized engineering wasn't form me i much preferred doing jobs like cinematography and video editing thus i am doing this for earning and i also have done vfx course in which i did complete in 2021 so i would like to be able to study in vfx collage canada.will my visa be accepted ?

  14. I have done my +2 with both biology and mathematics and I chose computer science stream for study canada , but they refused my case by saying your proposed studies are not reasonable ! Why they did this??

  15. I don't have my class 10th transcript but I have class 10th marksheet and I have class 12th marksheet along with transcript…will absense of class 10th transcript cause a problem in study permit?

  16. Dear sir..
    I completed my diploma in electrical engineering (4 years) this certificate is equivalent with higher secondary school certificate,,, in 2014
    Then i joined electricity generation company as a assistant engineer…. I have 7 years work experience..

    Now i want to go canada by students visa…. But my study gap is 7 years…….that's why I'm confused about my chance..

  17. Sir I am a BSc zoology student from India I would like to take healthcare administration and service management course. Does stream change cause visa rejection

  18. I was a full time student and I was rejected for personal assets and financial situation how can I prove that

  19. Great video, very helpful!

    Can you please tell me whether it is possible to apply for a study permit when my IELTS is about to expire? Please note, my IELTS expires in August 2021 & my program begins in January 2022, so can I apply in May 2021 with the current IELTS score card?

    A little clarification would be really helpful

  20. Hello,
    I got overall 5.5 bands.
    S – 6 , L – 5.5 , R- 5, W – 5.5 and i have all the requirements which i have selected the program even ielts bands too and got a offer letter from the college.
    Can i get a non- sds visa on this ielts bands ??

  21. Hello sir,
    I have completed my bachelor degree in electronics and communication engineering in 2019 and been working as a resident DJ for more than a decade.. And I'm still working as resident dj in a 5star hotel.I'm planning to upgrade myself into audio engineer.. And I also have a 2years experience letter till date.. Will my study visa get refused? Please reply me.. Thank you

  22. Thanks for the information you bring to us always.. I am 36yeras, is it advisable to get a sponsor for my studies in Canada, should I worry about that plese

  23. Hi Sir… I do have an active working visa from another country which is not yet cancelled… If I apply for study visa from home country with the same, is there any possibility of refusal?

  24. I am already in express entry pool, so is there any chance of visa rejection if I apply for a student visa?

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