Outer Banks Hilarious Bloopers | Netflix

Hilarious bloopers from the set of Outer Banks season 1!

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Outer Banks Hilarious Bloopers | Netflix

On an island of haves and have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance.


37 thoughts on “Outer Banks Hilarious Bloopers | Netflix”

  1. tiddyfannumber1 says:

    i've never watched outer banks in my life why is this on my recommended

  2. Vekzy says:

    1:23 imagine he got boner

  3. as .tinnie says:

    tbh i’ve never seen a better cast

  4. as .tinnie says:

    Rafe and Drew really aren’t the same person

  5. fatherlylike says:

    my biggest flex is that i live in the obx lol

  6. SebbizZ says:


  7. sherbies says:

    imagine how fun it would be to be in this show.

  8. sherbies says:

    i keep forgetting that cast members in tv shows or movies are actually different in real life. i forget that the drug dealers and murders are actually good people LOL

  9. jackie berglim says:

    1:02 did she fart? XDD

  10. cquick 3 says:

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  11. Carrot Person says:

    Sooo… WHENS SEASON 2 COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. thee.insider. of.Navayiah .T says:

    They betterrrrr put jj and kira together they bettttttterrrrr

  13. MSGURL says:

    Finished the whole show and idcccc season 2 better comeee quick

  14. Ricky Diaz says:


  15. Joyce Makena says:

    A you Jacob on the bable story?

  16. Johann vv says:

    Una serie muy interesante me gusto espero con ansias la 2temporada

  17. Payton Rutherford says:

    Who else has watched outer banks like 20 times?

    Cause I have…

  18. OB says:

    God I’m ready for season 2

  19. Blue Turtle says:

    I'm still trying to figure out how 3:12 happened.

  20. Floortje_V says:

    just looked at the drop date of this blooper video may 9 2020 right now while i'm watching it is may 9 2021.
    sorry i just find it a bit funny how i'm watching this exactly a year later

  21. River J says:

    jj is like the only reason why I’m living rn

  22. Yong En Lai says:

    "little dicey on the 2, whatever, he's from alaska"

  23. Sanskriti Yadava says:

    JJ is so cute❤

  24. Tanea Chew says:

    Anyone watching this in 2021 waiting for season 2?

  25. Saaniya Turk says:

    why have I only just come across this?!

  26. That Guy says:

    Topper’s really good at acting high. Mans looks like a damn sociopath

  27. jason gay says:

    The hurt gray psychologically warn because turkish speculatively marry save a motionless quit. jumpy, unadvised girl

  28. Marley Miller says:

    Rudy ( JJ ) or Chase ( John D ) Or Jonathan ( Pope )?

  29. Sadxmee says:


  30. mrsbrinky says:

    Words can’t explain how jealous I am of their lives

  31. Is that a trick question? says:

    season 2 babyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Saadiqhah says:

    I still cant believe that ward is the same guy who played morgan ross on jessie

  33. overcast says:

    I sometimes forget how funny obx actually is

  34. Sheldon Bing says:

    OuterBanks S2, do it!

  35. Cloak Clan says:

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  36. Etoile2004 says:


  37. Parrapa The Rapper says:

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