Over 8,000 Drivers Denied After New Background Checks!!

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40 thoughts on “Over 8,000 Drivers Denied After New Background Checks!!”

  1. imreal forever says:

    I'm a former uber/lyft driver from massachusetts, that was recently banned from driving due to stricter state mandated background checks. I think it's very unfair that someone like me (who took a cwof or continued without a finding plea) that other than this has nothing on their record should be ok to drive. The charge was "aggravated assault" in a domestic dispute (aggravated instead of simple assault because my girlfriend was 3 months pregnant ), which i think in massachusetts is a felony. Instead of facing a trial by jury and risk being sent to prison over something i didn't do, i took the 1 year probation and cwof plea. I think I have to wait 4 or 5 years before i can drive again.

  2. Robert Gallagher says:

    well I drive semi truck also and they go back 10 yrs  that's long time but if your clean that long shows you changed things for the better for yourself also

  3. Chilo Gutierrez says:

    You shouldn't have to pay for crimes you already paid for. Another problem in America. Good luck getting a job that't not Mcdonalds with that felony drug charge. And we wonder why America has a crime problem. It's because these people can't get good jobs after spending 10 years in prison. When your released from prison it's the state saying you're reformed and don't pose a danger to society. So why treat them that why

  4. The App Channel says:

    Totally agree. All great points.

  5. C M says:

    Soon, they'll need to have random drug sniffing dog checkups…

  6. C M says:

    Texas legislation approved Uber drivers to drive all over Texas now.

  7. private91205 says:

    Once a sex offender, always a sex offender. I would not trust myself in the company of anyone who haas done such things, even after 50 years. They cant be trusted but as far as driving record, yes ppl learn and better their record .

  8. Crystal Hopkins says:

    I agree that it should go back 5-7 years and drivers need to be able to understand and speak English as well.

  9. macross 7k says:

    lets not forget the uber driver who stabbed the passenger in the face and that person was not a criminal nor a sex offender. he passed the background check.

  10. Roland Silva says:

    I heard really it was more like 15,000. I drive in Boston. I think it was watered down for pr

  11. Roland Silva says:

    Today at one intersection in Brookline I counted 16 Uber drivers at 2:30pm

  12. Roland Silva says:

    I am doing five days a week about 9 hours a day and I'm doing between $1,200-15,000 a week. Normally I get hits in Uber five minutes usually. Today they had a 1.8x boost for four hours and I quit after 35 minutes no hit. Went to an area with a much lower boost and was rocking again. Never seen anything like today but boosts don't usually go that high here. Usually no more than 1.5. Made a really mess of things.

  13. Richard Wrynn says:

    It looks like after the various negative news stories about ride-sharing in Massachusetts the state legislature decided to do something. They looked at a persons entire driving history, and went far back in criminal history checks. One person had a dui in 1956, and nothing since then, but now he can't drive for uber. Now that the state has completed their crack down they will probably loosen the look back period now that they have flushed out all the unsavory types.

  14. James .O'Huallachain says:

    I got rejected under the new statute, I held an unbroken line of hackney licenses for 6 years before that. So, yeah the state is going WAY too far.

  15. Benny Blanco From The Bronx says:

    I'm a disabled veteran. I was in the Army & deployed to Iraq. Over 13 years ago I got a couple felony's. Minor felony's that were actually misdemeanors in 47 other states. The same charges are now misdemeanors in my state. I'm gonna be pissed off if I get denied. I'm raising my 9yr old son on my own & I'm retired. I'd love to drive to give me something to do & make some money while my son is at school all day.

  16. Mike Harris says:

    I just got banned and the charges are not mine lol its a guy with the same name. Im fighting it. Almost have 2 years in

  17. adam charles says:

    I find it odd that for the Cori check people who get busted peeing in public are apparently just as dangerous as armed robbers.

  18. adam charles says:

    You made another good point about getting away with some stuff in the past. Supposedly 70% of people have broken the law and gotten away with it, so people with a record are just the ones who got caught. Is society safer riding with people who got away with it? I doubt it. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/dec/08/stephen-carter/watch-out-70-us-have-done-something-could-put-us-j/

  19. Lisa Surlie says:

    I was arrested and not convicted. The plea bargain so I never did jail time. Would this be a problem? What about accidents? Or tickets?

  20. The Disgruntled Rideshare Guy says:

    They shut me down after 3.5 years and 7000 trips from a DUI 10 years ago. I don’t even drink anymore

  21. Willard Haywood says:

    I got banned, drove for both #UBER AND# LYFT for a year .my criminal history is 17 years old for drugs and misdemenors never no crimes against SEX/ kids ….. certain cases they should just require us to have video cameras =for passenger safety

  22. Formo Kick says:

    I was deactivated for a ticket that I had 8 months ago when they ran the yearly background check a Violation for speeding in excess of 100 MPH came out and now its on my record how can I get that fixed?

  23. macnvettes says:

    Say you rob a bank and go to prison for 10 years. Should you be able to drive for uber the day you get out of prison? I think not, but that's what Uber's system allows.

  24. Chris B. says:

    I dont use uber or lyft, because they are a tech company and are ruining their employees lives by not following rules cab companies follow. I see uber drivers sleeping in their cars working 20 hr shifts, thats just not right. Down with big tech!!!

  25. Super Day Day says:

    Background checks are becoming more standard on certain jobs when you deal with the public, so if you have a background problem it can come up later on.

  26. Tom Bahns says:

    Violation of Federal EEOC rules. Where are the lawyers ?

  27. The Godfather says:

    Background checks do not matter I know multiple guys driving for Lyft using the one guys phone.

  28. lp 51bix 11575 says:

    I have a controlled substance charge from 2004 please help any answer I'm from new york

  29. Tito’s Comics & Collectibles says:

    I got kicked off for a misdemeanor hit & run from 14 years ago. Long story short I turned myself in 5 hours later. ( I know I was young & dumb & panic & ran. Went to court & the guy I hit never showed up. So I only had to pay a court fee. 14 years later I’m driving for uber for almost 2 years with a 4.94 & not one issue while driving for uber on my behalf. Than boom just cut off one day. Don’t worry uber it’s not like I don’t have a 17 month old son to take care of. SMDH 🙁 why wait almost 2 years I feel used & abused!! 🙁

  30. Dwight Willis says:

    I was deactivated last night. I called Uber support to find out why I couldn't drive. I was told that a company called Checkr was undergoing an annual background check on me. I said ok fine but why am I being deactivated during there checking process. I was told that is the process and it could take 15 days. This is absolutely ridiculous I have a 4.82% rating for a select driver with a 86% acceptance rate. So for 15 days no work. Is this the change that the new CEO intended for us? I thought that they now cared about their drivers. This is no way to treat a driver partner.

  31. Nak’s Livery Cab Co.Chicago says:

    The regulations are going to get tougher with Uber,because of the complaints from The cabbing industry.
    The cab companies still have a lil juice,in major markets like Chicago New York…etc,so theirs going to be a trickle down effect.Uber is padding a lot of officials pockets,otherwise Uber wouldn’t be able to exist…UBER IS ACTUALLY “ILLEGAL”
    Uber’s still not really following a lot of the regulations,even though it’s labeled “rideshare” it’s basically a damn cab…and there are rules and regulations,and a certain type of insurance,chauffeur license you are supposed to have that Uber driver don’t.
    Shit will eventually hit the fan,so I say stack as much money as you can.

  32. Nak’s Livery Cab Co.Chicago says:

    When Uber really starts “REGULATING”
    There will be hundreds of thousands of drivers dropped from the platform.I suggest that everyone should have some type of back up plan.

  33. Apptrepreneur1099 says:

    Uber is going back fars as they can go….. I've failed a background check and my history was 28years ago…..like you said…. We've all done stupid stuff when we're Young but have changed our lives as we have gotten older…..Most jobs that you apply for only go back 7years but 28years ago SMH

  34. Gregg Viall says:

    I was deactivated due to 3 minor traffic violations over 3 years. 1 occurred prior to driving for Uber. These were listed as minor. Mind you I’ve had 2200+ rides, 1175 rated rides and a 4.91 rating… very odd…

  35. truth teller says:

    People are so hypocrites they think they perfect. Disgusting people

  36. ras Leak says:

    The average serial killer or rapists or murder don't even have a record let alone a traffic ticket it takes years to track down these kinds of scumbags.i have a felony from when I was a kid I'm 43 now and the shit still affect landing a great job over ten years since I seen a jail smh ruff out here.what about the people you pick up the driver don't know a thing about that person.still smh looks like a double edge sword to me

  37. BRUNO LUXURY says:

    They rejected me for something from 1988 a misdemeanor! What the fuck! no I don't have to drive, I have a successful business but I would like a little side hustle, I've been a hairstylist for 25 years I qualify for that are you fucking kidding me this piece of shit Uber

  38. victor mercado says:

    Just got deactivated by Uber…had 3 speeding tickets throughout the year…all this after a year & a half of driving for Uber…

  39. Latonya Lipscomb says:

    They stupid asses locked mines for driver's license and ain't shit wrong with my driver's license PERIOD!!!! THEY AINT SHIT !

  40. camera duong says:

    I'm clean record that great nothing to be worried

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