Overview of Pharmacy Informatics

In this video, I give a very high level overview of pharmacy informatics and some examples of what this profession entails.

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26 thoughts on “Overview of Pharmacy Informatics”

  1. Awesome! thanks. Did you need to take IT classes to be able to do that part of your job ? Or was it just pharmacy school?

  2. For the bug drug mismatch. Is this a report the physician gets daily or a dashboard accessible for those specific physicians can access via EPIC? Sentri 7 was a program I've used to help pharmacist focus on certain issues (antibiotics stewardship, INRs, CrCl, etc). Despite EPIC also a similar capabilities?

  3. If you are Pharmacy Technician do u have to have a Pharmacy degree or can you get certification to work as a Pharmacist Informatic?

  4. Dear Brian, I am a Biomedical engineering international student (holding f-1 visa) in ncsu and unc chapel hill. The pharmacy informatics sounds very interesting to me and seem to reach my major’s criteria. I am currently looking for an internship right now, do you know how can I get trained for working in the field? How can I apply for such position? Where should I apply in? Do I need a medical school degree?
    Thank you

  5. Great info, I’m a P1… just trying to open my eyes to different career options. But I love being around people, just not at cvs lol

  6. Are you also a programmer? It seems like you need programming knowledge to do this job. I have a masters in computer science and I am also a pharmacist too who works as a part time software engineer!

  7. Can you please tell me the difference between a Clinical Pharmacist and an Informatics Pharmacist? Do both these jobs require a Pharm.D? Does all Hospitals use these methods of Informatics Pharmacy? I hope you'd answer these questions. Thank You.

  8. I'm really glad I stumbled upon your video! Very informative! Questions though,
    1. You said you build and design order sets and interventions….how? Do you program or reprogram existing software? What programming language?

    2. You got epic training from your organization and that was a must. If a hospital uses Cerner, would the expectations be the same as Epic? Must become certified?

  9. Hi!
    do you need to have any speciall skills or education in programming or in computer to work in pharmacy informatics ?

  10. Hey Brian, great video! If you were interviewing someone for a pharmacist informatics position, what type of questions would you ask?

  11. Hi brother.
    I have a big question for you .

    Am pharmacy graduate and I have a diploma in pharmacy and I have almost 7 years experience in sales and marketing .
    Can you please advise me. Am I eligible for pharmacy informatics course .
    And please give a suggestion and please give clarification on pharmacy informatics .
    If you please possible send me a mail to me. Am so thankful to your help .of you do this for me.This is my email address

    [email protected]gmail.com

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Thank you for the video Brian very helpful! Im on a pharmacy informatics APPE and frankly the department is extremely busy with integrating epic into a hospital outpatient pharmacy and a new independent hospital to a point where I feel like im not learning much even though there is so much to learn.
    What are some major controversial or simply important topics in Pharmacy informatics that are hot now? This could be related to CDS and smartpumps, alert fatigue. I dont have any good references to master these concepts and how they are applied in a hospital setting. I appreciate your help.

  13. I love your video. It was very informative. I am a student studying Medicinal Chemistry. I want to switch up my career path and pursue a career in Health Informatics/ Pharmacy Informatics. Do you know how I can go about doing this?

  14. What is the difference between health infomatics and pharmacy infomatics? Can a pharmD graduate with a degree in health infomatics can take up pharmacy infomatics jobs?

  15. Can you reply any one ..?
    Which languages will be used in pharmaco informatics was Majour…

  16. hey Brian, thanks for the video, I have one question if you could help me, I'm a pharmacist and I am also interested in programming, is there a field that combine both? Thanks alot.

  17. Hey I have another question. Im looking to volunteer and start working on projects remotely but I’m not sure how. I have heard you can go through ASHP and I’m a member but I’m not sure how to start working on projects

  18. If I have worked in retail Pharmacy for 18 years, and burned out by the pressure of having to dispense medications more quickly and still safely. At the same time, customer service is a constant priority. Trying to manage those two aspects is never easy, but is becoming more burdensome in the corporate retail model. Do you feel that Pharmacy Informatics is a possible new course, with growing job opportunities, for a person who is interested in that field? If I’ve been in retail only, would it be better to get certification in Pharmacotherapy first?

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