Pending I 485 Adjustment of status – Important questions answered

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Pending I 485 Adjustment of status – Important questions answered

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration lawyer and all the information in this video is available on public domain. Your specific immigration issues should be discussed with an immigration attorney.
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31 thoughts on “Pending I 485 Adjustment of status – Important questions answered”

  1. Hi Mandar, Is the I-485 and I-765 processing time same for EB1 and EB2 categories? Or is the processing time same for both and only the filing date is reached faster due to EB1 being current?

  2. Mandar, thanks for your videos on immigration. Can you please let me know your views on changing job immediately after receiving a Green card. This is sort of ambiguous topic and there is no specific rule laid out by the USCIS on when to change jobs. Just trying to gather opinion on this as I recently received the GC (1 month ago) and am in the process of changing the job. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for these videos, Mandar. Extremely informative, super updated and always hitting exactly the right points to talk about! Please keep them coming!

  4. biometrics where already taken and being 2 years ❗️case was updated to showe finger print was taken ❗️wats next .why is it taking so long

  5. Hi, thanks for the video. How long is the waiting period to get a green card now for a spouse to an American? Before Covid-19, I heard that it only takes 10-13 months to receive a green card after submitting applications. After Covid, it seems the waiting is way longer. Any idea? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the info, Mandar. Question on birth certificate, if the registration was not done at the time of birth, what are the other acceptable documents ? I heard about non availability certificate. Can you share some thoughts on that ?

  7. Hi mandar, i do agree that last administration made GC interviews, but it is not mandatory. I have couple of friends who got their GCs without interviews in the year of 2019 and 2020

  8. Hi Mandar, thank you for the great informative video. Do you have separate video on GC interview and how to prepare for it? If not, please create one and share.

  9. Do you know anyone who has got a (renewed) visa stamp at a US consulate I. I did recently? I've always gone under Admin. processing because of my work, but am wondering what the situation is on the ground in India.

  10. Thank you Mandar . This is very useful.
    I have a question.
    I work in the US on H1B valid for 3 years but no valid visa stamp . I have applied for I-485 AOS through my husband’s EB1 petition and have approved EAD/AP. Our PD is current in April 2021.

    I would like to travel to my home country . If my H1B visa stamping is rejected for some reason and if I return to US on AP, can I re-apply and get back on H1B? My preference is to stay on my H1B ( as a back-up in case something goes wrong in the GC interview)

  11. Can you please comment on the recent increase in Processing time of EB cases to 12.5 to 51 months ? Is this accurate ?

  12. thank you for the information. sir, i have a question, i am an ead holder for green card but my application still pending. iam worried about denial. my employer asked me if ok for me if they file my non immigrant working permit? even my ead not yet expire? sounds like my ead as back up

  13. I have small query I hope anyone can answer here..
    How much currently it's taking for 485-ead… pls comment.. it will help for getting little clear picture…
    My biometric was done in march 1st 2021

  14. EAD is taking more than a year for Adjustment applicants in Cali. Not sure who is getting in a month these days…

  15. Very helpful video.
    1) As you mentioned one can change employer After 180 days of receipt notice of I 485 adjustment status. Does new employer also need to file PERM application?
    2) When one changes job after getting I485 EAD, should one share EAD info with new employer? Or ask for H1B sponserrship?
    3) What will happen if person who is on Adjustment Status but maintained H1b changes job, new employer doesn't file PERM and priority date becomes current?

  16. Hello Mandar, i applied for 485 under eb3 around end of October. My wife and son received the biometrics appointment but not me. It’s been more than 5 weeks they received and am still waiting. Any thoughts? Appreciate your timr

  17. Hello @Wisdom Trends, Thank you very much for your excellent videos. Could you please help me understand the question start at 14:45 in this video stream? My understanding is the new employer does not need start from PERM for the whole process as long as my PD date to be current? There is an assumption of I-485 is pending or to be submitted with new job offer?

  18. Great video .. no other video on this topic is as comprehensive. One question – you mentioned at one can work for 270 days while waiting for GC EAD renewal. Isn't it 180 days

  19. If I change job after 180 days of I-485 receipt notice and now start working on EAD, will my new employer have to process the I-140 again? it is just the I-485 Supplement J?

  20. If i change the Job once I have the I-485 EAD and I-485 pending, who will handle the I-485 RFE's (if any)?

  21. Hi,my f1 visa stem opt is expiring in August 2022,when latest I should file i140 for eb2 visa so that all the processing time can be completed before Aug 2022 and my adjustment status /ead is received before time so that I don't have to leave US

  22. what an amazing informative video! I have a question: my Form I-145 is pending, can I go to college while it is pending ? Would it make my Green Card be denied? Thank you!

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