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20 thoughts on “People who lied on their resume and got the job, how did it turn out? r/AskReddit | Reddit Jar”

  1. Carl Henry Ernst says:

    sweats in Mike Ross

  2. Elias D says:

    I lied about the length of my experience, and I worked 6 months at this electronics jobs

  3. freewilliam93 says:

    Corporations are the worst emples of decision making….that first guy should of just been demoted so hed stay but they should of made him go to a tech school or something and get the actual piece of shit paper that they fired him for not having…..cause paper work means more than humans to the Machiavellians.

  4. Tyler Casanova says:

    Amazing I got my current job because the guy who hired me told me to lie on my resume so an office across the state would think I had enough experience to pass the resume forward without discarding it

  5. Marc Schawinski says:

    I've never lied on a resume or in an interview, not a single time. Not even a teeny-tiny bit. That's why I've had to bust my ass for the past 30 years, and now that I'm almost 50 it's going to quickly become impossible for me to find another tech job. Yeah, this vid made me feel like an absolute schmuck.

  6. Ryad Arlan says:

    Yeah appaerntly australian security involved covering up their crime to keep everyone safe in their pub gambling drug porn democracy. They will fake identities and throw…..see if i say what they are doing they say, he is the manager so thats what we'll do. They fucked a lot of people/countries and while your problem is the bullshit debt they put you in ….the core is dense, thick as theives. Working tirelessly to shift blame, cover tracks, this is why we cant get anywhere.

  7. ionthegravity2 says:

    Don't lie on your resume. Its not worth it.

  8. Albert Wesker says:


  9. Austin says:

    So basically all I have to do is lie and bullshit my way into a job that’s not retail

  10. TheUnconventionalDeal says:

    I told the truth on every resume, watched lies get the job every time.

  11. ralroost einsnulldrei says:

    If companies didn't expect 20 years experience in 20 year old applicants, and expected that they might have to learn on the job (like literally everyone), there would be no need for this resume "embellishment"

  12. Nicholas Amore (CosaNostra97) says:

    I lied about my work experience for a Secuirty job and got paid crazy dollars, they never found out as I quit to return to college lol

  13. Anon E. Moose says:

    In the tech industry most job postings are written by people that haven't a single fucking clue what the job is about. They always place a ridiculous list of qualifications that many people can't hope to meet. When you realize this it gets extremely tempting to lie.

  14. Kelsea Nova says:

    I'm a background screening analyst, and I can confirm that some companies only check certain pieces of your resume. The most thorough background checks I've done were for students applying for college in the medical or social work programs. I should caution you though that I have caught plenty of people in lies so I encourage you to be as truthful as possible on your resume

  15. Daniel Wallace says:

    18:36 Raspberry pi is a memory stick? Lmao, definitely deserved to be fired

  16. aseed says:

    Don't be naive in thinking you have to be completely honest and straight as an arrow in this dishonest world. It's all part of the game, you have to dirty your hands.

  17. Connor RX800 says:

    I lie on my work experience and get my first job no regret. You may have heard a lot of people said do not lie on your resume. All these are bullshit. Do not feel bad for lying on your resume because you're not the only one. Now I make around 100k in 1 year and bunch of benefits ez. Those people who say don't lie on resume because they have never been the worst situation. Like they have good parents that paying him/her go to a good college or university everything.

  18. Hasty One says:

    At my first interview for a serious job, the Sr. Manager asked me how it was possible that I was a “petroleum transfer engineer” in my last job when I didn’t have a degree? I told him “I pumped gas at my local Exxon”. He cracked up and they hired me. True story.

  19. Brianna King says:

    Um… I'm 14 and I'm thinking about lying about my age so I can get a job that I desperately need

  20. Joe_5000 T says:

    So the take away here is be a good actor.

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