Please Research the Person You're Hiring

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You don’t have to be a tech detective to do a quick internet search.


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Rekha Shankar
Jordan Myrick
Patrick McDonald
Grant O’Brien
Kale Hills

Director – Carlyn Hudson
Writer – Rekha Shankar
Producer – Devi Rawal
Production Coordinator – Mitchell FIebernitz
Director of Photography – Jan Michael Losada
HMU – Jed Olemdo
Sound Mixer – Jacon Harrold of Botown Sound
Editor – Andrew Mallonee


18 thoughts on “Please Research the Person You're Hiring”

  1. That people genuinely believe that personal beliefs should be audited as a condition for employment… Is legit scary.

    When any one of you find yourself in the wrong side of a popular belief, you'll understand why this should rightly be disallowed.

  2. What's with the OTT reaction of pat's IT skills. It makes no sense. People don't do that, it's not a thing but it it's trying to make satire of something that doesn't happen

  3. Im not saying that the things the characters in this skech are good Actualy the opposite but for what they are saying for the "Thats the bare minimum though" what else are people supose to do stop other businesses from hiring them? You know everone needs money to live. Are you saying people should die for some stuff they say? We need to change peoples minds. I know somone is gonna come and say that im " taking this too seriously for a Skech" but collage homor pushes what they actualy think and this line of thinking can kill somone. Also what is up with the translucent souls matter guy i looked it up and couldn't find anthing

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