Police are tracking you and your license plates

A new police technology reads car license plates and records where you drive. The cameras are raising privacy concerns.


24 thoughts on “Police are tracking you and your license plates”

  1. Interstate Highways have fixed License Plate reader camera's. They are tracking everyone on the interstates, Google and you might be surprised.

  2. Police have more to do then you know, most cities are short officers. Who would want to be an Officer these days after the MN police station burned, or the countless Lawless Riots last year. Thus respect them vs hinder them.  

    I live in a city of 7 million people, Typically 30,000 cars are stolen EVERY YEAR in this Rat Race. Crime is constantly occurring, they are more apt to arrest criminals then speeders or stop sign runners. Real life is not a movie people, relax. If you are not a criminal or doing anything wrong, you are gonna be OK. Most Police work their shifts, then want to go home to their families like you do, without any death wishes.

    Most Police are good people, but they are fed up/tired of all the non-sense, violence, drug abuse, and all the Idiocy. Most Police know what you are gonna say before you say it, so watch what you say. Best to say nothing unless you can make a Officer laugh, if not keep your mouth shut and stop defying their orders. If you are a criminal, suck it up and go to jail. If you resist, many more may die or be injured., only seconds before someone is hurt by force, e-, bullett, or you listen to their commands.This is real life people, You and the Office 1:1, what are you going to do? Could change your life and the Officers life forever including your Love ones.

  3. Like cameras aren’t everywhere as is this is just law enforcement storing it as a Walmart parking lot would do the same

  4. I just got pull over because of this piece of shi.t. smh i need to sue for violating my privacy rights. Whos with me?

  5. Why is no one mentioning the bad cops listening/tracking people’s phones to help criminals get away with group stalking. It’s happening right here BIG time in Lexington county SC. Look up dirty cops in Orangeburg SC. Lexington cops are no different. They’re allowing crimes to happen here and innocent People (many) are getting hurt. More widespread than anyone realizes. If there are good cops out there, please someone needs to do some investigating.

  6. They are trying to turn the USA into an oppressive surveillance state. Next it’ll be facial recognition….. they will not stop unless we push back

  7. We can keep ourselves safe .no thanks it violates 4th amendment rights. They have no cause

  8. This needs to stop. We should all sue our local municipalities for entrapment, extortion, and racketeering.

  9. America, the land of the not free. Illuminati, masonic control is out of hand. The real reason the American Indian was wiped out, is because they truly lived free and that's not acceptable.

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