Pre employment screening? Always Background Check Your Filipino VAs

Is pre employment screening necessary? This is a question that I get from clients and potential prospects pretty frequently. Often times, they’re a little bit worried about working with people from the Philippines because they think there’s a lot of scamming activity a lot of less than moral behavior and different things that happen in the Philippines, identity theft. Call centers that are doing illegal things and that sort of stuff. I would agree with that. There’s definitely some of that going on in the country, but that’s really a small percentage of the population here. The Philippines is an extremely religious place and most people have a very intact moral compass, are raised to be very God-fearing individuals and are really very ethical people. So there’s kind of two options that you have when you’re dealing with people from the Philippines. You can either have them in an office setting like most of our workers are in or you can go for a remote setting. The remote setting is going to be much more of a dicey situation generally because a lot of you’ve got to look at is not only the person you have that’s doing work for you but who else might be able to access their station or pull up their computer because there can be a lot of tampering and different things that can happen that can lead to compromised data that might not come specifically from your worker. So if you’re doing just a background check on your worker and they’re working in a place maybe a household where they have some shady relatives or something that have access to their station there might be some security issues that are out of the control of the worker that cleared the background check. One of the good things about working in an office environment like we have is it’s a secured facility. No one comes in or out that hasn’t already had clearance. So if you’re doing something where there is a lot of sensitive data that’s going to be transferred there’s definitely some advantages to keeping things in an office setting like we provide here at Trouble Free Employees. So any questions about how to do background checks, different ways to run things, let me know. Send me a message and I’m happy to help you out. Also if you’re looking for lists of pre-vetted people we hire only about one out of every hundred applicants that we have. So we have a big database of people that have already passed their background checks gone through their initial interviews that just didn’t make the final cut but are still very very good workers very good prospects that we can link you up with our recruiting packages that we offer. So that’s definitely a way to save money if you’re interested in that. Get in touch. So I hope this video has been beneficial. If there’s any questions that you have please contact us at any time and subscribe to our channel if you’re interested in getting more information about doing work in the Philippines. Hope you have a great day. Thank you.

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  1. Hey Jake! How is it going? I'm a Filipino based here in L.A. and I hired VA's. Just wanna ask what can I use or what company could you suggest to do a background check for me? Hope you see this thanks!

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