Problems & Solutions for Background verification to get Job?

How to Pass Background verification to get Job is explained in this video. A background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that an individual or candidate is who they shortlisted for their organizations. This provides an opportunity to check and confirm the validity of someone’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other activities from their past. We discussed on how to easily pass the background verification to get the job. What are the steps involved in the background verifications and tips to get manage is clearly explained.

0:00 – Intro
1:14 – Why companies do background verification for employee?
3:01 – Reason for background checks for an organization
5:06 – What are the mandatory checks in background verification?
6:52 – Common problems & solutions in background checks

Common doubts in BGV explained.,

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34 thoughts on “Problems & Solutions for Background verification to get Job?”

  1. Bro na 3yrs ah oru mnc company la work pandran ipo enaku vera offer vanthuruku immediate joining soldranga. But en office la 3months notice servive pana soldranga already notice la tan irukan intha month end vantha 1month aguthu. New company la march 1 join pana soldranga ana old company la vida matranga inum 2months irunthutu poganum soldranga. New company la pesunan avanga 2months enakga salary pay tara ready irukanga old company la kuduthutu vara soli ana old company la vida matranga . New company la papers lam kuda perusa ethum venam soldranga vantha podhum join pana podhum soldranga nanum interested ah irukan . IPO na abscond aitu March 1 la irunthu intha new company la join pana. Old company kita irunthu future la etachu prblm varuma pls solunga bro . * very urgent*

  2. Bro my onboarding pass is not generated in CTS… Doj already deferred one time and tomorrow is my DOJ but still Onboarding pass not generated..Any solutions please?

  3. Sir நான் ஒரு பேங்கல வேலை செய்தேன் but anga. Irunthu upscond ஆகிட்டேன் so i don't have reliving letter .so i faked the reliving letter .

    If i join new bank it affect BGV???sir pls tell mr

  4. Bro if we join a company and abscond as I received job offer from other company. Will the future company be able to identify that I absconded though I didn't show this experience on my resume

  5. Hello Bro, still I've not paid my education loan. Does it make BGV red? Do they look into my credit report?

  6. Bro fir filed for me but charge sheet not filed and not convicted in court. Its fall case so I applied squash in high court. I got job offer will my bgv fail

  7. Sir company la join panni 2 months la medical issue reason work continue panna mudiyala,but resignation apply panniten notice period work pannala ithunala feature la problem varuma

  8. Bro is there any chance of getting rejected in Bgv by chance of careless even all the submitted documents are true to our knowledge?

  9. Bro bgv verification namba home ku vandhu irukagala nu check pannuvagala..??

    Because na ipo out of station la irukan

  10. Hi bro,

    I absconded in my previous company where I worked for 2 months and joining a new Mnc…I haven't mention about my current company anywhere..will it cause any problem in bgv?

  11. Bro ippo oru company la join panni 7 day tha aaguthu then innoru company la irunthu nalla offer kedachurku.puthu offer vantha company fresher thaan edukuraanga….but join panni 7 days aana company la innum background check initiate panla…ippo naan antha puthu offer Ulla company la join panlaam nu iryken enakku ethum pblm varum ah

  12. Bro.. I was terminated on job abondment because I was unable to apply leave during maternity leave as my babies were sick,actually I was unable to think about anything that time.later paid due amount and got service letter also then after 2 years joined 2 nd company and now served second company for 2 years and if I join 3 rd company, will it been shown in bgv..or in future if I join any company or goto any senior role will it affect me

  13. Hello sir, you are doing great thing by making videos like these. But my question was, If I had taken loans in playstore apps and it was in due will it effect my joining as a fresher if I get selected for any job in BGVerification. Yeah it's my duty to pay back.. I will pay back but as of now. Will there be any effect on my job. Entering to coming.

  14. Bro na work panitu irhndha previous company la enna terminate panitanga … na ippo Vera company la fresher ah dhan place airukken.. bgv la na terminate anenu avangalaukku theriyuma ?

  15. Bro i'm not having address proof for current address.i shifted my home just 2 month before.i have only address proof for previous home what shall i do bro ?? But i have only gas bill for address proof for my current residing house. that also present in my father name only.

  16. Hi bro I got a offer in MNC . I have 2 yrs exp in company A ,and 3 yrs experience in company B , company A was closed after I was relieved .. now how the verification will work.

  17. Bro eanku 1 arrear iruku ipo exam next month exam elutha poran athukulla.. Joining vacha.. Enna pandrathu?? Konjam explain pannunga bro ipothiku edit panni submit pannalama

  18. Bro specifications registration apo thapaa poten but degree correct uh poten . Na attend pna interview on campus placement

  19. Computer application specification podrathu pathila Vera poten bro ethachu problem varuma . But degree correct uh mentioned pniruken

  20. Brother I submitted all Academic documents in wipro bgv in one pdf by mistake they asked in three documents can this make problem for me

  21. Bro ipo na oru IT start up la work panitu irukan, previous oru bank la work pannan off roll la, at the same time evening oru IT institute la work pannan part time ah. Ipo problem ena na puthusa interview attend pannum pothu bank experience negative va pakuranga so na part time ah work panna institute ah previous company ah mention panalama and bank mention pannama vidalama…. Pls solunga bro

  22. Bro i have a dought 1 have worked just 1 month in a company and then later i resigned and now am going to another company me showing as a fresher is there any problem?

  23. Bro na iniki dhan oru top mnc la 4 round clear panni 5th Final round la iruken. I'M a fresher but avnga keta 12th la enaku percentage ila but 10th UG adhigamave irku. Ipo na attend pannata ila quit panata

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