Prophet TB Joshua's Ministry Was VERY problematic, LET'S BE REAL. | #ChitChatWithMo

Welcome to an all-new season of The MoChunks Show!! Kickstarting this off with a conversation about TB Joshua, who to some was a great man but to others, problematic in many ways. Let’s discuss!

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00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Welcome Back To The Show!
02:14 – This Is Planted!
04:32 – Background on TB Joshua
05:12 – Philanthropist vs Financial Exploiter
05:49 – Deliverance vs Theatrics
08:01 – The Gospel vs Motivational Preaching
10:06 – Why couldn’t he heal himself?
11:10 – Multiple Controversies
16:25 – Today’s Question: How Should We React?

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17 thoughts on “Prophet TB Joshua's Ministry Was VERY problematic, LET'S BE REAL. | #ChitChatWithMo”

  1. Am sure that Daddy GO once said that people from TB Joshua was selling products with Daddy GO face and underneath was TB Joshua face and he told people it's not him he is not selling any healing thing that Jesus is not for sale. It was one of the Holy Ghost service when Daddy GO said it

  2. TB Joshua never tell people not to take their meds.
    He said before you stop taking meds go to your Doctor and let him advise you to stop meds.
    its actually your belief that heals you.
    Read your Bibles guys.

  3. All I know is a teacher to all juju washippers in Africa westerners saw him as a truth man of God he uses it in a good way he stayed in his mother's worm for fifteen months Africans we need to stand up and say no to the devil that has been distroyiny Africans for a long time Africans support your own he is a great prophet in our generation God revealed him self in Africa what else do we need to see that God loves us is a shame to criticize our own that shows the world that God is alive

  4. I think people saying he should save himself and bring himself back to life or whatever, is insensitive.

    I think when one is controversial, people are bound to talk. Many knew that some things appeared odd. I chose not to watch him too closely/at all.

    All bores down to not idolising humans and being critical and knowing God for yourself

  5. Spiritual gifts can be used in the wrong way. When a pastor prophet etc says you are healed you ought to go back to your doctor and have it confirmed. Not to deny your faith but so you get the confirmation, the medics get to see your supernatural healing and you can return with a praise report and say this was the prophesy and when I went back to the doctor I got the all clear. One thing lacking in the church is discernment

  6. You're right to say that it was problematic. Jesus's ministry, and those of His disciples also faced all sort of issues and persecutions. The underlying reason is also stated in the bible: The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Corinthians 2:14)

    God can not be fooled people! When Jesus healed, He told those healed to go and sin no more, right? Lots of you go and even celebrate your healing/deliverance or whatever, with fornication and then ask once again for forgiveness!! I never visited his church, but was healed of a sickness I carried for 15 years, and till today I'm still healthy. God is my witness.
    People don't understand spiritual things, so they can open their mouths and say whatever their corrupt senses tell them. Jesus said we should go into the world to do exactly what He did, so to tell me that it is wrong to listen to men of God is totally wrong. One thing is sure, TB Joshua tried to channel Jesus Christ while he was alive, even though he was not a perfect man in an imperfect world. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  7. When will Nigeria accept that one of the characteristics of a NARCISSIST is PHILANTHROPY.
    Why does it surprise you that TB Joshua was such a philanthropist.
    He was a Narcissist.

  8. But on the judgment day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value.

  9. TB Joshua never preach never teach in this ministry not to see doctors not to value doctors TB JOSHUA teachers how to look after your health how to look after yourself how to believe in your medication is said if you don’t believe in your medication you cannot believe in God TB JOSHUA is the one that said so is it true man of God is straightforward be the devil don’t love him the witches and wizards did Love him because he fight the darkness seriously is not your friend of the darkness that is where you see the darkness we enter people there we manipulate those people to tell lies against TB JOSHUA TB JOSHUA is gone now is sitting with God God arrow is in Nigeria now any media that that is using media to make money because YouTube we paid them money this you ready for the fire of God anyone that does lie against TB Joshua they should be ready for fire of God God is about to move which is fire all over the world especially NIGERIA because this media thing that you start to criticise man of God is that it from NIGERIA so the fire of God will be more strong in Nigeria destroying people because you’re sticking is loving the way TB Joshua is the one that intercede for NIGERIA 24 hours that man is praying for NIGERIA all over the world 24 hours TB Joshua mouth heart doesn’t go out of he always pray for the whole world so got a stick in his son a winner because I want to do something in Nigeria you people we see what God we do is going to deal with everybody everybody that spray that man’s name everybody that’s where the work of God everybody that did not allow people to believe to get that deliverance TB JOSHUA bring broken homes together on that a tinkle of eyes in the church service broking home for 30 years he would bring them together he bring some marriages together you make men Dari jets the children Big demand did not know is because of that CHIDERA rejected so many years ago that is causing the problem of your life TB Joshua we going to the spirit and locate that change and Day Manuy bring the charge for child to church for testimony and then before you look piece we come to that family Joe we come to the family spirit of God we come to the family what are you people sing for God sick

  10. You are doing the video now , why didn't you do it when he was still alive, tell him his fault to his face but you didn't , you are doing it now he is gone. ONLY GOD SEE'S THE DARK, IF TB JOSHUA HAVE A PROBLEM IT'S FOR GOD TO DECIDED

  11. Sis mo , I hope your intentions are right for doing this video. Life is more spiritual than you think. I’d rather not speak about what I don’t know entirely. It’s your right , it’s your channel anyway.

  12. I’m not sure if you have the Spirit of Discernment. But before you make a judgement about the Man of God, seek the Holy Spirit and ask if any of these accusations are true.

  13. Why can't they just leave TB Joshua to rest in peace, I mean who are we to judge…… even if he used the gospel of Jesus Christ to scam people at least he gave it back to less privilege which i don't believe he scammed people their money, TB never sell Holy Water in his church, never says people with chronic diseases to stop taking their meds without consulting their Drs, he is been hated for spreading love all over the world because that's what he was doing…. Smh

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