Real Private Investigator tells the TRUTH! What’s the Best Public Records Search Site?

I get asked all the time what free public records search websites specifically I use for skip tracing, background checks and other private investigator work I do. The answer is:

It doesn’t matter!

Knowing the specific site I’m searching isn’t what’s important!

You need to search the site that’s right for your location and your case.

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10 thoughts on “Real Private Investigator tells the TRUTH! What’s the Best Public Records Search Site?”

  1. Very well put!!! It’s all about finding the information relevant to your area. Anther option for checking inmates is vinelink.

  2. Very True Larry Great words ! I've become very good with open source intelligence. A lot of the times when I'm looking for someone I get on my knees and I ask God what words do I use, what websites do I use, what terms do I use to find this person, it's amazing some of the ideas that come into my head that God puts there. The best place for open source intelligence is God himself. I have lot of fun finding people. It's amazing. Keep up the good work Larry, love your YouTube instructions. God has used you many times in my life to become a good private investigator.

  3. Hey lary I have a really important question for you. I attempted to reach you via email that I found in your website but was only prompted with a notification saying the address couldn’t be reached. Thanks in advance

  4. Thanks for your help.. this person lived out of state before coming to ohio. And idk what state. How do I find out what state

  5. I've had no luck verifying if an elderly (100+ year old) relative is deceased. Any ideas?

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