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In this video Lavanya is going to explain on Recruitment Background Verification Video. Hope this video is quite interesting and helpful. Do subscribe our channel which helps us to build more content for you.
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16 thoughts on “Recruitment Background Verification Video – Freshersworld Tips”

  1. Anup Paul says:

    Diploma in mechanical engineering
    Mam any job ???

  2. Bheem kumar Soni says:


  3. Niel Mondul says:

    Best u video

  4. SARWARI BEGUM says:

    Is there any fees required for document verification

  5. Aakash Sharma says:

    Hindi in these video if possible

  6. DIP JYOTI says:

    ma,am i need airport job

  7. Sonia Sharma says:

    hi mam help me. I completed my graduation in arts field. and right now I'm learning Spanish language. Please tell me what to do next because Mjh smjh ni aa rha kya mjh ar koi professional course krna chaiye ar konsa

  8. jerAx Gaming says:

    How many days it takes?

  9. Abhijit Das says:

    U got too much extra makeup!

  10. Amit says:

    Are you robot ??

  11. syed irfan says:

    First we need to tie your hands in background. Else I was scared that ur hands may fall down while keep on raising hands

  12. syed irfan says:

    Not even a single point is understood

  13. jai dileep says:

    Usually how many days would it take to complete BGV for post employment

  14. dckingdom says:

    Madam, when is the BG checks are done before the interview or after the interview??

  15. Utpal Bhattacharjee says:

    Thanks madam.
    Now I have a question.
    I work in a government project with payroll of a company (let ABC company) in the government campus. The company don't know all of my roles and responsibilities in the project.
    Now as per my designation, I do website designing for the office. But besides, I have learned and practiced server administration on my own and mentioned this in my CV as an extra responsibility (which is actually not true) for applying to a big MNC.
    Now can I be caught? Can the big MNC verify that?

  16. PRATIK BASAK says:

    How psu verification done?

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