Reference Checking Explained

This video is for both the reference checker and the reference giver. The Wonderful Wizard of HR will explain five important things you need to know about references in Canada.

Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction
02:54 Tip 1 Is it Legal?
04:06 Tip 2 Discrimination
05:08 Tip 3 Time Waster?
06:53 Tip 4 Best Reference?
07:37 Tip 5 Privacy
08:21 Recruitment Package
09:50 Outro
10:18 Outtake

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10 thoughts on “Reference Checking Explained”

  1. It is so important to check references. There have been plenty of nightmare hires because people didn't put in the work!

  2. These references should be eradicated in most cases. As long as you don't have a felony on the record you're fine for most average positions. Nobody will ever be perfect in any type of role. So pretending to hire the so called 'perfect fit' is just a fallacy.

  3. I’m at the final stages of an amazing job opportunity and I am currently stuck waiting on a reference from a previous employer who told me that the company had tough policy’s on giving out references. I really don’t know what else to do as this was only my second job and I was not able to keep in contact with my supervisor from my first job.

  4. Well. That's because you gotta be careful with who you list down for a reference. Because there are people who will talk badly about your work ethics. That's why you should find people who will not talk badly and shoot you down like a bad person. And leave the negative first in the past where it belongs and why it shouldn't be brought up. That's how dangerous the reference things really are.

  5. I am working currently as a consultant. Is it possible to share clients feedback (emails) regarding the quality of my work with the recruiter?

  6. I don't think you need references to hire someone. Work certificates are enough IMO. Why would I wait for other managers' opinions to make a decision if I was a hiring manager? I makes no sense to me. And B. past recruiters will be vengeful for giving you that just because you left for someone else. I see no good reason for references.

  7. HR: we need to run reference check to hire the right person. Also HR: the company has the policy not to provide a reference for employees. That's a totally fxxxed system. Now what? Employees are slaves who aren't allowed to switch jobs? That's BS.

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