Refusals To Drug Test – How To Recognize & Handle Them

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Many times in the drug and alcohol testing process, the DER must make a determination of a refusal to test. This is often misunderstood. It is an extremely important responsibility.

In this video, we discuss what constitutes a ‘Refusal To Test’ and how you should handle them when they occur.

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19 thoughts on “Refusals To Drug Test – How To Recognize & Handle Them”

  1. You guys are doing God's work. Those who smoke the jazz cabbage deserve neither employment nor pity and there is NO gray area. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Everyone should refuse to test and force them to test for impairment only and only with probable cause. If everyone would refuse this invasion of privacy and violation of civil liberties they would be forced to finally revise this outdated form of testing.

  3. To all you ignorant pricks out there still stuck on that Nancy racist Reagan bullshit drugs are bad umkay bullshit do some fucking research. The drug addict is a minority. Most drug users never become addicted anymore than people who drink become alcoholics. And I don't mean just weed . I mean all drugs. Most people who use drugs do so in a controlled manner when and where they can afford it. Not every tries injecting heroin Right before they drive a school bus. You only hear about the fucking retards because they are the ones who make the news. The rest of us do what we do and just don't tell you because we don't trust you. Why the fuck should we be honest with a bunch of people who support laws passed based on fear and racism for the purpose of enslaving people through the justice system to decades of probation and fines that always for at least portion of their time will be spent on chains working for free on public projects. You people make me fucking sick. I work my ass off. I have kids and I take damn good care of them. In fact I took pretty damn good care of you losers when I fought for this country when cowards like you couldn't clean up your own damn mess. And yes, I use. I use different things St different times. Tweeker I think is the term you use for people like me when we tell you what we really do. I've got s couple terms that I use for you. LIAR, RACIST, PUSSY, FUCKING SORRY ASS SNIVELING COWARD THIEVING SONS OF WHORES

  4. Drug testing violates the 4 amendment. The conservative subprime court made a huge error in judgement. What is done when not on the clock is a employer is a individuals time. Corporations do not own the individual.

  5. One cannot consent under coercion or duress. "You take the test, OR ELSE."

    Then there is the issue of presumption of guilt. Very offensive.
    Then making an employee prove their innocence in a demeaning way.

    "If they have nothing to hide, then what's the problem?" FALSE POSITIVES.

    And if they do have something to hide, an employee is coerced into self-incrimination.

    Everything about the drug war and testing is unAmerican in the extreme. This violates everyone's most fundamental rights across the board. Employers should just respect their employees, and not create a hostile work environment.

    If somebody isn't doing their job right, an employer has the right to let them go, and if you have a good employee, then an employer shouldn't bother them in the first place.

    My problem is that I'm old enough to remember when employees were not treated like prisoners. There was a mutual respect between good employers and good employees.

    I'm an employer now, and I respect my employees. No buts. No drug screening for another party to profit at the expense of me and my good workers.

    This drug war tyranny must end.

  6. So, we have the Constitution and our most fundamental rights over here, and way of here, light years away, we have a puritanical employer's rules. According to this guy above, your employer's rules supersedes your rights.

  7. Here's an idea. Play their game, and then when the testing proves negative for illicit drug use, sue everybody. Defend your rights, do not surrender them for anybody, no matter what the excuses are. There is no excuse for tyranny. They cannot justify the unjustifiable, though they'll try.

  8. As an employer, my only reasonable right is for me to expect my employees to be punctual, and to do their job right. I do not have any legitimate right to run my employees personal lives or to treat them like suspects when they have not done anything wrong. This is America, not North Korea.

  9. Wow it sounds to me like you pretty much are giving up your soul to your employer for your piece of s*** $12 an hour job of answering a phone or flipping a burger and they're going to test you like you're some common criminal. I mean unless you're flying a plane or driving a bus or something like that these companies are ridiculous they think they own you. It's a matter of principle with me. I'd pass all day long but you know I will never fly a plane or drive a truck for a living. Operate Machinery or be a surgeon. If I applied for a call center job and I could see maybe a pre-employment screening that's fine but if you think you're going to random me and pay me something where I'm just making slightly above minimum wage you can kiss my ass. that's a matter of principle not because I'm going to fail it's because it's none of your damn business. People wake up

  10. Oh my God empty your pockets? What you going to do a cavity search next. You're not under arrest for Christ sakes you people are unbelievable. If I walked in to take a test and you told me to empty out my pockets I would tell you to f*** off and I would walk out the door because that's an insult you people are unbelievable you don't own the employees get a clue

  11. One issue this guy didn’t bring up is people with a shy bladder who can’t provide a urine sample but are sacked because according to them they refused to provide a sample and it amazes me most drug tests are a urine sample when there is far less invasive tests like saliva, sweat, blood and hair and what’s more they have to stand behind you while you pee because they don’t trust you providing a sample because your guilty of taking drugs. Drug testing is nothing to do with health and safety the company’s that do it pay less insurance premiums over here in the uk anyway and one more thing it’s got fuck all to do with employers what you do in your time they can’t prove you take drugs in the workplace it’s up to them to prove that.

  12. This just shows me the stupidity of the Western legal system in general. According to Islaamic law everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. Hence if an individual shows no signs of impairment or mental disfunction then they are judged according to that unless something indicates otherwise. However, according the American system then a potential employee is considered to be a drug user by default unless they can prove otherwise. Moreover, the testing procedure itself is extremely flawed as they should be testing for active substances not inactive THC metabolites from weeks earlier.

  13. I don't know you bastard s**. Nothing you're getting my services for pay. I don't owe you any substances in my body. If the whole world of working people would just stand up and say no more I refuse to give you my urine or hair this s** would stop this unconstitutional ungodly abusive power needs to be stopped

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