Rescinded Job Offer (Part 1): Mid-Tier Firm

In this video I talk a bit about a recently rescinded offer that I had with a mid-tier accounting firm and why the offer was rescinded.

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Please note that my videos are only meant to open conversation and share personal experiences. I am by no means a life coach, financial, spiritual, or religious advisor. Take what I say with a grain of salt and take from it what benefits you.


2 thoughts on “Rescinded Job Offer (Part 1): Mid-Tier Firm”

  1. I got an offer but i haven't taken a background check yet. I had a felony expunged 10 year ago and reduced to a misdemeanor. How would i tell my potential employer that i accept the offer contingent upon passing background check without making it suspicious? I don't want the offer rescinded after i give my 2 week notice. Please help!!!!

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