Rush Sets The World Record For Factual Errors

Rush Limbaugh spent some time during his Fox News interview Tuesday night slamming the Republican party for not listening to its conservative base enough. He told Greta Van Susteren that the Republican party is a little too complicit in conceding to President Obama on issue after issue, declaring that the party needs to put its foot down, stop the compromise, and understand they should be fighting to “defeat” the Democrats, not work side by side with them in harmony…

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Clip from the Wednesday, July 31st 2013 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 5-7pm Eastern.

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44 thoughts on “Rush Sets The World Record For Factual Errors”

  1. This wind-bag, Rush,is one scarey fellow and he absolutely IS the voice of the GOP. People like him and the current Republican Party are toxic to our democracy.

  2. rush is gonna commit suicide when the gop are ejected from the house, and everyone is singing ''I'm Blue'' in the streets of 30 American cities.

  3. What this country needs from the republican party is for white bigot racist homophobes to die off, painfully with the shitty for profit archaic healthcare system we still have in place. Get sick and die quickly.

  4. Holy Shit….Greta Van Susteren looks like the Gary Oldman character from Hannibal, the sequel to Silence of the Lambs.

  5. You maybe the dumbest lib I have ever heard, you make honey boo boo look like a road scholar. I think your problem is you didn't get your ass kicked enough in school. Oh by the way tell your boyfriend to go easy on your hair cream next time douchbag!

  6. And yet you can't name a single point that Rush made that is a lie, distortion, racism, sexism or just flat-out wrong… Typical American "liberal."

  7. Real "American" & "liberal" of you. What do you do when you're actually happy, rip the heads off of puppies?

  8. And you can't define a single point that is not a lie,distortion,racism,sexism, or just flat- out wrong….Typical American "Conservative". But Sandra Fluke does come to mind. She was advocating birth control therapy for one of her friends who needed such therapy to prevent ovarian cancer.

  9. "Typical American "Conservative""

    Yea how utterly barbaric of me, a Conservative, to demand specifics and facts. Instead of sweeping generalities & a public display of "liberal" hypocrisy…

    Sandra Fluke was advocating free birth control pills period. The reason for them was entirely immaterial. And the medical plea was total b.s. since most insurance carriers already cover b.c. pills.

    Facts help. Try some for once…

  10. Act offended, flip the argument, contradict your own criticisms and end with BS. Yes that's typical conservatism.

  11. Point1. Its is cynical but first off that the republicans in congress are not stupid, they have proved that they are stupid many times(I can give specifics). Point2. That the republicans have agreed with bill after bill they have compromised on a few but they pride themselves on being obstructionist as Rush advocates. Point3. Conservatives care if people think they are nice people, that is a lie in its self. Point4. Obama is "brute force" if you ever listened to Rush he daily says how weak he is

  12. When your comments are deleted in minutes because they are so ignorant its hard to refute your points, you know what I mean stick to the script and when you get bored go play video games again. You are a troll and nothing more, you never make any points just generalize, you learnt well from Rush, stay dumb and don't breed for the sake of the rest of us.

  13. "Point1 Its is cynical but first off that the republicans in congress are not stupid"

    It's an opinion. How is an opinion a lie, distortion, racism, sexism?

    "… they have proved that they are stupid many times(I can give specifics)."

    In your far-from-unbiased opinion…


    Point 2 is a flat-out lie. That is not what Rush said. He said "WHEN you agree…" Both you and Secular "Talk" (snicker) are lying through your teeth on that one.

    "Point 3… is a lie in its self."


  14. Contd

    "Point4. Obama is "brute force" if you ever listened to Rush he daily says how weak he is"

    More "unbiased" opinion of yours. Coupled with yet another flat-out lie. It's either a lie or you don't know what the word "weak" means…

    Rush speaks (daily) about the various Executive orders that Obama has issued. The continued imprisonment of the man his people blamed for the Benghazi attack. And his hand-picked choices of who will/won't be covered by ObamaCare & when.

  15. "When your comments are deleted in minutes because they are so ignorant its hard to refute your points"

    In other words, you got the rest of your little Facebook friends to vote my comments down. I just love that "liberal" sliding-scale sense of fairness & hypocrisy…

    "You are a troll"

    Don't like it don't post on a public forum…

    "you never make any points"

    Seriously, were you looking in a mirror when you wrote that? Good Gawd you "liberals" are a stupid bunch…

  16. This guy is disgusting. Compromise is at the center of a democracy that protects the rights of those in the minority. It's how to govern a country with so many cultures and beliefs.

  17. Dgonz is a joke, give him points and he plays rush denies everything that's fact, go play video games in you mothers basement.

  18. Notice how dgonz doesn't actually refute your points he just calls them opinions or a lies. He can't refute them, because that would tell you his position on the issue and he wont give that up because he knows we will rip him on his ignorant narrow minded views. He is a joke……….. Go play your video games and please don't breed.

  19. 'Republicans agree with the Democrats on EVERYTHING'
    Because obviously, Rush doesn't exaggerate or use overstatements to prove his points.
    Calling that a factual error is like counting 'My God, it's like a billion degrees outside' as a factual error.

  20. you obviously have not checked out obama in the same fair way.
    rush has no power other than common sense.
    Obama has nsa, irs,doj etc… and uses them eligally.

  21. yo, douchebag, the Senate hasn't even let House bills get to the floor Are you getting paid  to espouse this progressive bs? Answer honestly.

  22. The short of it is that it is liberal and progressive policies that have gotten us into the miserable state we're in.  Liberal policies have created an entitlement mentality. Liberal policies have ruined our economy with unsustainable and insane policies requiring lending institutions to finance deadbeats. Liberal policies have taken our education system from one of the best in the world to consistently ranking in the bottom third of nations.  And I can go on like this forever.  No one can argue facts with liberals because liberals don't understand facts.  I don't feel sorry for you.  I feel revulsion for the stupidity it takes to be a liberal!

  23. The thing about Rush is that he says things like this without blinking and with a straight face. I honestly sometimes don't know, is he just a liar or does he actually believe this? Everything he says is just so wrong… it has to be on purpose. Normally you get something right every once in a while. 

    And the worst thing about him is that people believe him. When he gets out and spits this nonsense, lay people actually listen and believe him like what he's saying is true. They listen to him like he actually knows something and they don't fact check him. He's just so wrong, all the time… All the time…

  24. Rush is documented to be, is it 98.7 now, how can he be both factually wrong at the same time. You strike me as a Jon Stewart wannabe and one that couldn't be a bugger in his nose. I wouldn't be surprised to read about you dying of auto erotic asphyxiation while listening to Rush.

  25. literally his plan is "if they're right, PUNCH THEM!" "make sure they aren't there to be right ever again!"

  26. literally his plan is "if they're right, PUNCH THEM!" "make sure they aren't there to be right ever again!"

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