Salary Negotiation After Offer (DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!)

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About the Video:

This week, we are back with another episode of the Press Play on Your Pay series. This video will discuss salary negotiation after an offer is given. Having this salary negotiation conversation doesn’t always have to take place during an interview. It may seem ungrateful to go against the position’s salary because you were grateful to have landed the role. You should be happy with that right? WRONG!! Yes, be happy you were given the offer to accept the position, but you have to secure yourself by making sure you are getting the salary and perks that match your years of experience and the role itself. So go ahead and dive into this video and make sure to take notes on these job offer negotiation strategies I will provide to you so you will be able to get that salary increase!

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23 thoughts on “Salary Negotiation After Offer (DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!)”

  1. Think salary negotiations should only take place while interviewing? WRONG!! It is ideal to negotiate after getting an offer as well. Share what tactics you used to negotiate your salary after getting an offer. Did it work? Did you negotiate other perks as well? Let's get a conversation going!!

  2. During my interview, they asked me my salary range. And I just looked up their average salary for the position and its about $15k higher than what I originally asked for

  3. I always mention what my last salary was as that sets the bar. From that they know anything less would not be of interest and an insult.

  4. I have a question for you. How does these tactics work for fairly entry level jobs? Should these be negotiated? I work in an industry that doesn’t necessarily pay well, report salaries, or seem to offer extravagant non-paid benefits. For example, public transit or a ride-share stipend would be something important that I would want to negotiate. I live less than 1-2 miles from the office of the job I’m interviewing with, so I think this is reasonable. However I’m often torn between that and the dollar amount I want to negotiate vs what I believe about how much the industry compensates this position. Any advice for that kind of situation?

  5. I gave a salary range for a position during the application process. The posted salary for the position was at the bottom of my range. However, I'm planning on asking for a number about $7,000 more than the posted salary after receiving my offer letter. I'd be happy settling at the midrange. Is this a wise start to negotiating my salary?

  6. Great video! Do you believe it would be rational to ask for a higher rate due to Covid? I was recently hired at a hospital so my chances of contracting the virus are at an all time high. Was just wondering if this would be a valid reason to earn more?

  7. Goldman Sachs dropped the offer 4 days before joining thru their contractor …The company and contractor Denied to hold discussions for terms and conditions for new working conditions Is this legal , ethical and moral ?. Also this.was made to known in writing after joining date , considering the disagreement 4 days before . The disagreement was hidden as well

  8. Thanks for the tips Jennifer! I appreciate it! What if the offer is within a unionized context that has a collective agreement governing benefits. Can there still be room to negotiate?

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