Sam Morril: I Got This – Full Special

Sam Morril compares wearing a condom to doing volunteer work, wonders if murderers critique each other’s work and recalls befriending a vigilante in Cleveland.

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24 thoughts on “Sam Morril: I Got This – Full Special”

  1. Thanks for all the kind words from those who have watched. If you like this, send it to a friend.

    Appreciate it,

  2. i am very busy…had to put phone down and go to work but could not do it..very very very funny standup every joke was perfect…honest i am in so much trouble now but it was worth it…

  3. I love this guy! Great voice best of I watched the evolution of this special from catching him touring and doing the late night shows. It nice to see how he got it perfect.

  4. I like how at 13:25 when he says "the founding fathers also had wigs" some lady exclaims "OOHHHHH" super load. You can imagine what she thought he said.

  5. The little book atypically object because event proportionately beam than a ethereal truck. acoustic, handsome pig

  6. When you get sets like this makes you feel bad for 70% of acts on Netflix. Dude is legit and makes it look easy. 9.5/10 (could’ve been longer damnit)

  7. I watch your podcast with mark normand and wanted to see your stand up. Did not disappoint. Absolutely great set! You have a new fan, Sam. Keep it up!

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