Sam Morril: I Got This – Full Special

Sam Morril compares wearing a condom to doing volunteer work, wonders if murderers critique each other’s work and recalls befriending a vigilante in Cleveland.

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24 thoughts on “Sam Morril: I Got This – Full Special”

  1. Sam Morril says:

    Thanks for all the kind words from those who have watched. If you like this, send it to a friend.

    Appreciate it,

  2. Paul Marks says:

    "so we exchanged information, as you do with vigilantes"

  3. Chris B says:

    Great set!. Much funny.

  4. Judie Chamblee says:

    i am very busy…had to put phone down and go to work but could not do it..very very very funny standup every joke was perfect…honest i am in so much trouble now but it was worth it…

  5. Clay Bellard says:

    Refreshing and a solid delivery this is hilarious

  6. Kevin Anderson says:


  7. Chike Payton-Coney says:

    I love this guy! Great voice best of I watched the evolution of this special from catching him touring and doing the late night shows. It nice to see how he got it perfect.

  8. Ravi 12 says:

    U can watch this again and again

  9. Troy's Create 100 Videos Challenge says:

    I like how at 13:25 when he says "the founding fathers also had wigs" some lady exclaims "OOHHHHH" super load. You can imagine what she thought he said.

  10. Tree Drama says:

    This set folds me everytime

  11. Mark Jones says:

    The little book atypically object because event proportionately beam than a ethereal truck. acoustic, handsome pig

  12. Scizzor HonZ says:

    When you get sets like this makes you feel bad for 70% of acts on Netflix. Dude is legit and makes it look easy. 9.5/10 (could’ve been longer damnit)

  13. Liz Blakey says:

    you want this gun, you better be chatty

  14. Random Dils says:

    Bro the white knight is a KING

  15. _____________________ says:

    4,100 people have no life

  16. Limon Ortega says:

    this guy is legit

  17. Chenara Johnson says:

    Thanks for the laughs. It's a shame I'll be working nights when you're in Portland.

  18. Angelina says:

    oh my god this was fucking hilarious

  19. John Baugh says:

    He’s really funny!

  20. Ren White says:

    Very good set ! Killed it never seen you before it won’t be the last

  21. Hans Hambali says:

    I am oddly turned on

  22. tasoscon says:

    Hilarious set!

  23. Daniel Valle Duarte says:

    I've been playing the same level for 40 minutes bc i keep crashing while laughing

  24. John Sanchez says:

    I watch your podcast with mark normand and wanted to see your stand up. Did not disappoint. Absolutely great set! You have a new fan, Sam. Keep it up!

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