Security Clearance News Update: How Much Do Clearances Cost?

Security clearance background investigations aren’t paid for by contractors, or the individuals obtaining them, but by government agencies who demand the classified talent.

A Tier 1 (Public Trust) investigation will be $198 in 2021
A Tier 3 (Secret) investigation will be $440 in 2021
A Tier 5 (Top Secret) investigation will be $5,706 in 2021


9 thoughts on “Security Clearance News Update: How Much Do Clearances Cost?”

  1. How far does a security clearance looks back? If I’ve lived in the same area, had no problems with my financing and been with the same employer in the past 10 years should I be concerned when applying for a job?

  2. Is it true that DOE clearances have more value than DOD ones? My understanding was that DOD relies more on the telephone whereas DOE is primarily 'feet-on-the-street' investigation/interviews. When it came to interagency transfers the DOD would accept DOE clearances straight up but DOE would require additional investigation for DOD clearance holders transferring in.

  3. I am not sure about where she received the information about completing the field work for a TS clearance, but when I received my secret clearance a few years ago, the conducted a field interview on myself and also they did a field interview on my references. This was for a Defense Contractor that i was hired to go work for them

  4. Hello I had my clearance for 8 years but I was inactive more than 2 years how could I get it back please I will pay for the public trust $198 and the secret on my own but I need help

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