Security Clearance News Update: Why Your Clearance Was Denied

Was your security clearance denied? Or were you simply removed from the running for a federal position? If you’re denied a clearance, or your security clearance is revoked, you should know the reason. The government will send a Statement of Reasons, and you’ll have a chance to respond. Unfortunately, the same protections don’t exist if you’re denied suitability with an agency.


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  1. I'm really hoping you can help me. I have a unique situation, after doing some research I realize is not so unique. My current employer (private sector) found out I am in the process of seeking a clearance job and am now entered the background check stage. I believe because they have found this out that there position on my employment has changed. They are starting to nit-pick my work every day and I believe within a short amount of time will either let me go, give me an undeserved warning or worse yet, receive a questionnaire from the background check and provide answers that aren't true to my character. I have witnesses at work of these events who are willing to support me if needed. A couple questions I could really benefit from… how common is this situation? Will this have a negative affect on me getting a clearance? What should I do to get ahead of this issue?…. I have always been an excellent employee and now the tides have turned on me. I am feeling stuck and really want this new job! I'm having bad feelings that my current employer holds too much power since the investigation is a "whole person" approach, but this is my current employer and what is currently going on in my life…. PLEASE HELP!

  2. I'm really hoping you can help me as well. I am going for PT High Risk position, right now I'm in the adjudication process. I had 3 charge off debts and 2 collections that were pulled from my credit report, this was due to a divorce and unemployment. I have documentation that I settled in full with the charge offs and paid all my collections with documentation. Clean Record no arrest, with 20 years military service. What are my chances of getting the Clearance or suitability granted?

  3. Hey i got a really good question! i’m in the process of my clearance but i was arrested as a juvenile, it had since been sealed, but i still provided them with the information in case it looked like i was lying, will that affect my chance of getting a clearance?

  4. I have a DOD TS/SCI CI poly, and jumped to another agency, this agency that I worked for 5 years, and they just told me that it's been (revoked) what ever the hell that means. my guess was that the full scope poly was a problem? I have not received the LOR yet, but how do I fight this? and what does revoked mean?

  5. Can marrying a foreigner have an effect on your security clearance? I'm about to get married and my fiance has a completely clean background but because she's not American I'm worried I'll lose my security clearance.

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