Selection Process in HRM

This lecture explain 7 step process selection process in detail

staffing function

Human Resource Management | HRM and IR:


13 thoughts on “Selection Process in HRM”

  1. Ruchi singh says:

    Sir plzz can you make a video on selection methods ,plzzz sir

  2. Leena Sharma says:

    Thank you so much Sir…. Your explanations are so apt…

  3. Jawad Malak says:

    Sir ye jo translation ata hai, es me apka lecture nahi dek pata, so sir plz es ko remove kare

  4. Nimra abbasi says:

    Love from Pakistan sir❤❤✨

  5. Pujan Karki says:

    Thank you ❤️

  6. Business Studies says:

    Thank You so much Sir ☺️

  7. Leesa Sinha says:

    Thanks sir

  8. Manju Nagpal says:

    Sir yur process is not perfect some imperfection is there

  9. vees Sahu says:

    Nice sir

  10. Hayder Waheed says:

    Hi I am from Pakistan. And I really appreciate your work. Now I have such a great concept about Selection process. Thanks Alot Mister.

  11. Manimaran Ramu says:

    Please avoid hindi, so you earn more viewers

  12. Satabdi Dey says:

    Thank you so much ❤️

  13. ambikesh uniyal says:

    Sir, can you cite some sources for further studies on this topic

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