Set 4, Game 1 [11.02.21] – No More Jockeys with Alex Horne, Tim Key + Mark Watson

No More Jockeys is a game created by Alex Horne, Tim Key and Mark Watson.
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On each turn, players name a person plus a relevant category – that person and category are then forbidden. If you’re caught naming someone who falls under any previous category, you’re out of the game.


• Alex Horne’s Taskmaster:
• Tim Key’s latest book He Used Thought as a Wife: (also on Amazon)
• Mark Watson’s latest novel Contacts: (also on Amazon)

Piano Concerto No.17 in G Major (Mozart)

Alex Horne + Haiminh Le

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44 thoughts on “Set 4, Game 1 [11.02.21] – No More Jockeys with Alex Horne, Tim Key + Mark Watson”

  1. Key absolutely on fire. Game face on, dressed to kill, Chasing the W all the way to the end zone. I have heard what all of them have had to say and I enjoyed it. Good times.

  2. Key deserves a multitude of plaudits for focusing on the game. Let’s just say I never saw Martina Navratilova nipping off to collect a curry during a Grand Slam Final, nor did I witness Phil Tufnell needing to let the dog out during an Ashes Test Match. Consummate professional.

  3. I'm almost sad I didn't get to see Key challenge Harvey Keitel and find out he's not Italian

  4. I like to think I speak on behalf of all of the jockstraps when I say that I'm always rooting for Key.

  5. Let's go Tim! Starting Set 4 off strong with a W.. Well done. I'm very excited for Set 4. Also Did Alex just think a fig roll was a pea?!

  6. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  7. solid game, still lacks that "john bishop-esque" quality, that could be solved by incorporating famous stand up john bishop

  8. I looked up Wilfred Johnson on Wikipedia, and was greeted with an actual photo of a mobster’s murder scene. Quite bloody. So, uh… don’t do that.

  9. I've always saw the Jolly Green Giant as a sweetcorn guy, excellent discovery about their love peas too.

  10. Loved the first category, no AD/BC. . . or lets make it simpler no ABCD none of those. loved the faces of Ales and Mark at this point

  11. Captioner, you hyphenated “Dorkos Dorkos-Ghali” perfectly and I see it and I don’t mind it. OVER!

  12. Go, Key—you’re on fire here. You’re chasing every ball. Grind them into the dust.

  13. “never, in, doubt” Tim Key said that with such conviction, you knew he knew he was winning this first game. Great play and with confidence. Loved it

  14. Moses would have been bi-lingual also. Eygptian and Hebrew. He was born Hebrew, but was taken in by an Egyptian king. Then later he would lead the Hebrews. So he would have been able to speak both languages.

  15. expert play from Key, setting up "no more UK" after "no more bilingual", then immediately knocking it down

  16. Can key keep the lazer focus going and win this…..?
    Hope he holds up as the pressure builds.

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