She was SUPER DISQUALIFIED from the Air Force | Military. Her Waiver story…

She was all the way disqualified from the Air Force. This video is all about my worst/best Air Force Moral (criminal) waiver process ever. She had a really hard time getting this Air Force Waiver approved but in the end the process worked out. I know some of you are gonna have a hard time getting in as well, so I hope this gives you the motivation you need. That way you know you can still be great and get qualified even if you have a shaky past. I will be discussing everything from how we met, discovering she needed an Air Force Waiver, the waiver process, regulations and all the different morals categories, the guide we used to qualify her to join the Air Force and lastly how well she’s doing in the Air Force. So if you need a waiver, and you’re wondering whether you can join with a misdemeanor or felony, this is the video to watch.

It’s my first time telling a story through film like this, so let me know what you guys think.

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Appointment
1:30 – The Waiver
2:28 – Waiver Regulations (Morals Offenses Category 1-5)
4:55 – Back to the story – The Waiver Process
7:00 – Success!!!

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37 thoughts on “She was SUPER DISQUALIFIED from the Air Force | Military. Her Waiver story…”

  1. this is not related to this video but since your a recruiter, do recruiters do credit checks on every one or just people 23 and over?

  2. Hey man love your videos how long should I check my waivers or ask my recruiter what's going on in my waiver thank you in advance your amazing. You gave me hope I'm also waiting for waivers.

  3. Hey sir I just talked to my recruiter he hasn't send my waiver he said busy weeks I've waiting for nothing I've waited 1 months and 2 weeks now he told hes waiting for commander for response and he need more detail about what happened but I already told what happen and and he showed my case was dropped but he said need more detail he cant send the waiver if the commander see the domestic I'm gonna get denied so I'm gonna call court about my case

  4. Hey man I’ve tried getting ahold of you I’ve sent you a message on Facebook and tired the email I’ve seen you post on the comments below I would appreciate if you could get back at me.

  5. I watched this video probably 4 or 5 times. I met with one recruiter and he told me I was eligible. I read the different categories with him and knew something was wrong so K went to a different recruiter who was willing to help me. Currently waiting for my waiver . This video gives me so much hope. Thank you!!

  6. I got a question I’m currently waiting on my moral or admin waiver to get get back in for the army . I had a Re 3 and I was young and being stupid and got in trouble when I was overseas. Long story short I got chaptered out and every since then I’ve been a model citizen. No traffic tickets nothing at all and my recruiter said that they look at all that and make sure I don’t have a pattern of misconduct anymore which I don’t . I just wanted your opinion on what are the odds . I have confidence and my recruiter and the commander does as well that it’ll be approved because I serviced my article 15s did my extra duty all of it. He said it wouldn’t affect really there decision because I served my punishment

  7. Did she have to write in her letter that she was open to any job that came about other then her listed jobs?

  8. I informed my recruiter when i started the process that i had history and that i don’t remember the courts and if is possible to run a background so i can gather my documents and my recruiter said during background will figure it out.. Then she decided to pass me on to another recruiter and she sent me to meps and i passed then I picked my job then she wanted to enlist me but I mentioned to her at what point do I submit the background. She is now running a background and hopefully she will figure it out. Hopefully i can get in the air national guard. I have one misdemeanor and few offenses. I hope my recruiter believes in me as much as you did for her. I went from almost enlistment to waiting

  9. Jody, are some MOS’s more strict on accepting waivers than others in the air force? Like special warfare for example?

  10. @JodywithaWhy Hey man! Love your videos! Very helpful! I'm scheduled to leave for basic training 5/25! Right now I am undergoing a background check and I don't have a criminal record but I am very nervous and stressed out about passing clearance. Is there a way to communicate with you directly? Thanks for all your help!!!

  11. I just got a medical wavier to enlist from SG after the army denied me. Isnt that the AF the hardest medical waivers to obtain

  12. Are you still a recruiter I’ve been trying to get into the Air Force but lately it’s only been looking up for the army I’m not really interested in the army as I am for the Air Force if you’re interested in taking me under your wing for the waiver process I would extremely appreciate it (last resort)

  13. Man that's so inspirational I have a sr22 for being involved in a accident without insurance and a licence but only got a ticket for insurance it's been 4 years never been into trouble no tickets I confident that I could pass I was scared but hearing this story makes me feel better much respect to recruiters like you

  14. Wait did I misunderstand the question with my recruiter?! Lol! I've had traffic tickets like speeding. But I paid them off. Does that Matter because I'm going to MEPS this month?! Lol

  15. hi jody, i have some questions about enlisting, is there another way i can contact you off of youtube?

  16. Gosh I wish you still recruited. I have a slim to none chance of joining. Is there anyway that I have speak with you? If not, it's okay. Keep up the great work.

  17. Holy cow dude! You took us for a roller coaster of a story. I kept waiting for the sad ending. That's so awesome!

  18. Could I still join I have a butterfly on my finger tat too do you think I could get a waiver I never been in trouble I’m bouta be 17 I have been interested in airForce since 16 calling recruiters

  19. What would family violence as a minor be classified as in? And is there still a chance if I get in the Air Force based on that?

  20. What if you were arrested over 10 yrs ago, but was released the next morning with no charges (not charged, not convinted, no court case filed). Is a waiver required to join the AF?

  21. Me and my girl got into a argument I didn’t put hands on her and she called the police claiming I did , so the police made a report for I was never arrested cause I left for work but they put a warrant on my arrest, then she later called them to drop the charges and removed the warrant, I was never arrested or convicted, she only made a police report , saying I hit her , does this disqualify me from joining the military? Even tho I was not convinced and charged was dropped?

  22. Hi @JodywithaWhy, I just talked to my recruiter and I did have a history of depression year of 2017. I already sent all the documentations, letter from my primary doctor and pharmacy records. It was only for 4 months and didnt take much of the antidepressant. I also did fly to other country for a month to help me with depression. And the only reason i got depressed because i lost a loved one. I didnt harm myself or anyone, Do you think i still have the chance to get qualified? My recruiter said he will give my papers to MEPS and see if Im qualified to even take the asvab test. Ive been worried about the depression, im not sure if i can get in to the airforce

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