Signs You Should Decline The Job Offer

9 Signs you should decline the job offer. Are you interviewing and not feeling certain about the offer? Should you accept the job offer? In this video I’ll break down 9 reasons why you may want to pass on that job offer.

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Are you struggling with your job search? Applying for job after job and not getting any interviews? Perhaps you’ve gotten a few interviews but always seem to get passed over for the job? Or maybe you’re not satisfied with your current career and want a change. Well you’ve come to the right place.

As a corporate recruiter with over 20 years of experience hiring thousands of employees at all levels into major corporations, I’m going to spill the beans on how to get noticed by recruiters, start getting more interviews, navigate through each step of the hiring process and ultimately land the dream job you deserve.

But that’s not all – I firmly believe that in order to truly experience career success, you need to think bigger. Multiple streams of income and budgeting are crucial to forming a layoff-free lifestyle and helping you achieve your goals.

If these are things you’re struggling with, that’s what I specialize in. I’ve got a website called A Life After Layoff. It’s loaded with tips and tricks on how to get noticed, interviewed and hired by your dream company. Make sure you check it out!

I’ve got weekly videos coming at you so make sure to subscribe. You won’t want to miss a post. Join me as we explore these things, all from an insider’s perspective!

0:00 – intro
0:50 – why you’re in this situation
2:50 – job description doesn’t match
3:57 – job isn’t aligned to career goal
5:10 – company reputation
6:44 – job posted repeatedly
7:29 – unrealistic expectations
8:09 – pay and benefits
9:38 – toxic work culture
10:15 – work life balance
11:16 – excessive turnover
12:39 – if you need help


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28 thoughts on “Signs You Should Decline The Job Offer”

  1. *Please be diligent – there are spam accounts impersonating me. I will never ask you to sign up for a Whatsapp or solicit you to buy bitcoin, etc. Do not fall for this scam. Sucks that I even have to make these disclaimers. *

  2. Video starts at 3:00 stop wasting time to drag out video passed the 10min mark just for ad dollars. 3mins will never get back.

  3. I reckon you've answered this question before, but suppose you've wound up working for a company that has a couple of these red flags and only realized it about three weeks in. What would be the best way and time to exit gracefully?

  4. In my very red state – but blue city – you are legally required to take the first job offered to you if you're on unemployment (good luck getting that, just asking for something you've paid in to years makes you a criminal and they're deliberately understaffed with extra hoops to make sure you get as little as possible) or lose it.

  5. A huge red falgg is when the process of interviewing and making the offer is feeling weird or off. Offers that come very fast with no reason for that or offers that come late for example. Another obvious one if they ask you to sign something immediatly – that would be a reason to walk away from any job offer no matter what IMO.

  6. I turned down an offer from a recruitment agency because they're ambiguous about the list of participating hiring companies. The programme is legit as part of the government's initiative to boost the economy and employability post-pandemic, but I needed to know what kind of industry I'll be stationed in, the location of the company offices, what kind of environment will I be in, if I'll be required to relocate after the first month of training, no work experience reviews etc. You know, usual stuff you'd look into. Maybe they couldn't tell me because they're somehow bound to some P&C terms with the companies? Either way, I was very hesitant to touch my toes into unclear waters, even though I feel bad because I'm still unemployed.

  7. I knew my former employer had a bad reputation but I allowed myself to be convinced by the person who hired me that things changed. Little did I know he was the source of the toxicity and negativity.

  8. I turned down a job yesterday because the pay didn't meet my financial needs. I was so shocked at myself because usually I would have said yes out of fear or settling.

  9. Sometimes the salary might not be there but it’s better to take a job then to remain unemployed considering today’s job market.

  10. I applied for a job and the application asked me "If you could be anybody else living or dead who would you want to be?"

    I laughed and answered the question "nobody"! Around six months later (after I was hired there) my boss kept DEMANDING that I work 16 hour shifts daily! When I informed him that I was already working 12 hour shifts, he just stopped assigning me work completely……so I quit the job!!

  11. This describes EVIT East Valley institute of Technology. High turnover, bullying, gaslighting, lied too, getting other coworkers against you keeping toxic employees because they do their bidding for them.

  12. That happened (bate and switch) to me once and I wish I had a known not take that job. It was Tim Hortons and I had applied for assistant manager but they never gave it to me.

  13. Lol yeah #2 that's called an Al Bundy … or a Michael Flammer… I started a summer job 7 years ago. Still there, still miserable. These videos have been so informative! Never realized how poorly I sell myself.

  14. Once know that everyone is replaceable including yourself you will think differently about everything that job has to offer.

  15. One more indicator, if the ad says " Able to work under pressure."

    I don't even know why such thing is a thing for companies. Who's cerebral enough to work under pressure?

  16. If you are thinking of working for a small company or business always ask will I be required to be a janitor as well. My last two jobs had being a janitor at closing on Friday.

  17. I keep getting text interview offers from people who don't want to say who they are, or they'll keep sending copy-paste templates.

  18. The bait and switch is absolutely the worst thing in job hunting today. When I was job hunting it would pop up so often, and ruin my day, week, and month.

    “Well sadly the managerial position isn’t available anymore. Would you consider an unpaid internship?”

    “This is the first interview, we’ve just met, and I drove an hour and a half for this interview, and THIS is how you start?”

  19. The problem with the bait and switch, is that sometimes they only do the switch after 3 months on the job. Sure you can still walk out, but then you have to explain why you only stayed 3 months to your next employer.

  20. Job took ages to get me a contract, even while I constantly asked them where the contract was (2 months, even though I was literally just getting a standard contract with one modification). In the interim they did not give me a sample contract. Someone suggested the company may have been trying to put me in a tricky situation, as I would not have anything else lined up and then would feel stuck. When I got the contract the number of sick days (plus expectations when you are sick) and number of personal days (none) did not match the industry standard and the personal day thing really grated me, as I’d used 1.5 personal days to go to their location and be there AND they wanted me to use another half day to sign the contract on location. I’m glad I said no regarding signing on location, as not only would I be using more personal days when that company wouldn’t have reciprocated in giving me any at all, but also I’d have felt more pressure to sign in going there. My skill set, experience and education are highly in demand in the country and location I’m in though, and within a week I’d secured something else. I sadly have to move but the contract offers what is standard and the company has a better reputation to boot.

  21. Yes! From one recruiter to the other you are speaking my language. This is an excellent video!

  22. Im.just scared. I'm leaving a company after almost years for another position more money but I'm just scared..

  23. I've been to interviews where the hiring manager at the company told me I'd be required to pay for additional qualifications after the 12 week try out period. Called the agency advertising the role and they didn't have any notification about that element when they advertised it. Also heard the "we interviewed you for job A. We can't do that now, you'll have to do job B." Didn't last.

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