So i threw Monika a surprise birthday party

Happy Birthday Doki Doki Literature club and happy birthday Monika!
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46 thoughts on “So i threw Monika a surprise birthday party”

  1. Dustin Blankenship says:

    It's birthday bash all over again!

  2. PîxlêGåmërLücy says:

    Happy birthday monika

  3. GiftedLicense35 says:


  4. Dakota Stewart says:

    The dog is like really human why did you put a hat on me haha

  5. Trant Rattler says:

    Do you know what else stands for DD? Dead dear. .exe

  6. summer says:

    She 18

  7. Patrice Blaisdell says:

    Tell Monica that I wish her a happy birthday and I hope she doesn't go crazy and yeah

  8. Patrice Blaisdell says:

    Doki-Doki luncher Club Monika best

  9. ayana deloney says:

    I'm Monica and if I sleep in my birthday and I am not one because I am six

  10. Jameelah Jefferson says:

    Are you ok? Throwing a party for a computer?

  11. Billie Strain says:

    Change her character file name to Natsuki

  12. Katie Roberson says:

    I just got how he bought a cake but bought cake mix

  13. Lilliana Dolan says:

    scrup dude:who gets that may presents?!: me:oh heheh…. i…never ggot that many present hehee……. ._." oh god….

  14. Tenko Chabashira says:

    On Monika's birthday, my friend, her dad and I went to mc Donald's. Her dad had no idea what doki doki was, but enjoyed the fan songs, so we blasted doki doki music out if his car with full volume and open windows. Sure, we got a few odd glances in the Mc Donald's car park, but I'm sure Monika would like it ☺

  15. Candy and ice cream lover says:

    There a way to download the game on mobile it work try and watch "Steve's teacher" video!

  16. Isabelle Kretsedemas says:

    choclate… choclate

  17. Angela Gomez says:

    Throw me a birthday party please

  18. Kay Robin20 says:

    you can tell mikey boy is an introvert

  19. Dragoş Ifteni says:

    So much dedication for an fictional character . You are a living legend

  20. X.x_shadow_x.X says:

    Mike:you guys know im a week"

  21. Arianna Tejada says:


  22. ≈ ≠ •ėęłíìjæßh• ≠ ≈ says:

    Remember monika's birthday on 2021… It may not be today but when its again then remember 🙂

  23. Fire and The Furries! says:

    Music stops

  24. Michael Joseph Mercado says:


  25. Xbox Minecraft says:

    Wait doesn’t ddlc end with monika changing the code and deleteing yuri sayori natsuki?

  26. Isabell Carlson says:

    (7:32) Me when pico decides to talk to me than anyone else: "*Y A Y*"

  27. ItzNotHiroXXتඞ says:

    I so late wtf

  28. Angelica Rodriguez says:

    Wow she gets a better party than me lol

  29. Brian Brown says:

    this is so dumb

  30. ïnšânlık âğlıyør says:

    is there anyone whos watching this now?

  31. NissanTheGreenSoldier829 // NTGS829 says:

    I wish I came to help!

  32. PinkCraft Pika Girl says:

    Imagine seeing Bijuu drive down the street BLASTING the DDLC theme lol

  33. javonne macklin says:

    When you have the same birthday as monika

  34. dankwolf64 says:

    I w i s h N a t s u k i w a s h e r e

  35. Bluey Tabby says:

    Do not make me remember those spiders at ceilings

  36. *{Not Anna}* says:

    can you make me a cake on my birthday mike? 😐

  37. Kaushal Sharma says:


  38. FireDragon 2211 says:

    It's cute that Mike went this far for a video game character

  39. Aoi Akane says:

    0:21 AMONG US

  40. Alexic FFA says:

    This is just awkward, creepy and down right perverted!!!

  41. Persnickety Demon says:

    A respectable simp

  42. The shadow says:


  43. Lenin Mitra says:

    My birthday is 3 days before monika's heheh

  44. Celine G says:

    Happy birthday monika

  45. The only dirty weird eraser that exists says:

    If only Monika can do the same to me if I did download ddlc but uh, I'll have to go through the fucked stuff in it (especially the glitchy stuff, and the spooky files) , then get scolded by my parents and now just realized it's a bad idea. At least spoilers helped me a bit but not that much, it kinda just alarms me that it's actually with psychological horror

  46. Nicole Porter says:

    I was watching a normal bijuu Mike video you know him playing Doki-Doki and then I stumbled upon this video and it very confused me

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