So you've applied with Instacart…Now What? (The Blessed Driver)

Many people have applied with instacart to become a shopper. However I know that there can be some frustration waiting to hear back from them once you have applied. This video explains the process of what happens after you have applied with instacart and the details on what to do once you have applied.

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31 thoughts on “So you've applied with Instacart…Now What? (The Blessed Driver)”

  1. I'm not even sure if I downloaded the correct app, there is no place for me to login as a driver. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your video, I already got signed up for everything but the verification process just pissed me off. The IC app keeps saying "Unable to verify your ID" even though I took a clear picture of my Texas driver license and a clear photo selfie. I tried to resubmit multiple times and got 2 emails from them saying my ID is insufficient, they require a valid U.S ID. Now I'm waiting on their 3rd response for my verification process. But, also at the same time they state the payment card is on the way to my address. I'm so confused. Do you acknowledge what's IC actually doing to me?

  3. Hi The BlessedDriver, I don't know if you have a video on this or not, however, can you explain how to effectively sent info to Instacart to improve the process ( as far as drivers license ect) or just to make sure they receive it., Also do they allow you to work for other delivery companies. Thanks, love your videos and valuable information.

  4. Hi i had a question.
    Im filling out the psperwork for my instacart. The option where it says individual or Business what do you put.

  5. I'm confused if I have applied to be a Full Service Shopper am I required to do the onboard interview I'm sure I read somewhere that Full Service Shoppers are not required to do so Thank you Lynne

  6. I’m just confused because I wasn’t told whether I was hired or not i just applied and then I got an email saying to pick up my Instacart card….in California when I’m in Georgia lol . That seems weird to me because if they weren’t gonna hire me why would they give me a card? Idk but I can’t pick up the card regardless and nowhere does it say that a card is being shipped to me so idk

  7. Stupid question….I can't get the back of my drivers license to scan in the application process. Any thoughts?

  8. It’s crazy bcuz I had to take a test and if you don’t past the test which was 6 mins you don’t get hired?

  9. How dose it work when you get the items do you have to pay out of your pocket or do they fund you the money

  10. I have a hard time getting to the next step after I enter my direct deposit information. It doesn’t let me hit save

  11. If they dont like your background check, so they email you declining you like postmates does?

  12. What is an onboard ? Just got my card .didn’t get any shirt or the ban u put on the neck someone told be right after it activate they check ba ckgrown ?

  13. So when you first sign up and they have those demos orders is that just practice orders cause I just signed up this morning I don’t have that card yet

  14. I just applied today it told me that full service shopper was not available. So, I went on todo instore shopper. I had to answer a few questions and then at the end. The app told me No “ In-person sessions were available in my area &, that they would email me when In-person session were available. I just relocated to Houston Tx, so I don’t know how the market is down here. Although it appears to be busy. I’m a full time FA, and want to do this part time as it appears to me that the food delivery market is a lot slower in Houston vs in Chicago it’s flying thru the roof in Chicago. What led me to sign up is I ran into my co-worker today at the Local H.E.B grocery store and she put me on to Instacart. I singed up like two years ago (Chicago) but never with thru with it. So my question is the error message I got, does that mean they are not hiring now? A little confused because you mentioned onboard session and my stated in person session. Are those the same thing?

  15. Companies like this or Uber shouldn’t hire more workers if they don’t have a need. That sucks for the people who’ve work for them for a while.

    Great video!

  16. I've signed up for all hours and they show waitlisted, do I need to sit in the store parking lot all day to get a batch ? So frustrated it's been 2 weeks and no batches ,

  17. If you don't get hired what happens to my bank info and debit card info I provided to them. Kinda don't like having that out there

  18. This video was helpful…I do DoorDash and GrubHub….these opportunities are way better than Lyft and Uber….plus better pay than them

  19. I downloaded the app and I only see a message to register the card when I get it. No options to call and the number they have is no good. What do I do??? I'm so tired to going around with this!! Going on 2 weeks. Now:(

  20. Hey Blessed. Thanks for this video. My issue is the checkout. How do I checkout without a pin? What’s the trick? Thanks. Stay Blessed.

  21. I signed up today and already got my background check sent. I had a speeding ticket 2 years ago. I don't know if they will hire me now. They already sent my Payment card in the mail.

  22. I was told i will have a virtual interview.
    Is it through facetime on the phone or web cam on the computer.
    My interview is on Friday.

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