SpaceX Launches CRS-22 to the Space Station

Falcon 9 is launching the CRS-22 cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station. Liftoff is scheduled for 1:29 p.m. Eastern (17:29 UTC) from LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

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38 thoughts on “SpaceX Launches CRS-22 to the Space Station”

  1. Does anyone know How much may cost that trunk? They don’t recover it and it doesn’t look cheap with those panels

  2. Remember when Boeing was competing for this business? I hear they are still a company but I do not think they build anything anymore.

  3. The new landing camera on the first stage is awesome. No more cut outs from vibration. Very cool.

  4. 42:03 – B1067 was relatively quick off the launch pad….

    Was it only due to the comparatively lighter payload or because it was this boosters first launch?

  5. nice nice, so when is the next launch?, the business on bets if the first stage lands or crash is growing and time is money!. /j

  6. @nasaspaceflight why would they take an east coast platform out of rotation to send it west when ASOG would be the faster option. Are they building the wings on the west coast?

  7. I wish to come to Cap Canaveral for the Crew-3 launch if it's possible by then. Hope to find some friends along the way.

  8. If the fish die on the Space Station, do they flush them down the toilet like we do on Earth?

  9. What are the "wings", if I heard right, that she talked about being installed and removed from the drone ships?

  10. With all these Falcon 9 launches, I am amazed that production of the expendable second stages can keep up.

  11. The question about off shore pollution potentials and Space's stance on their environmental policies will come into scrutiny. I hate to rain on the birth of StarTreck but that's sure to come if it's not already on it's way. Good luck, SpaceX.

  12. I still find it very impressive watching stage 1 landing upright after its mission.
    Its like the future already passed by …

  13. Roscosmos: Crew Dragon is unsafe it doesn't use Kurs.

    Also Roscosmos: SpaceX, please bring up another Kurs module on your Dragon or we won't be able to dock.

  14. Thanks for the incredible , spectacular new upgrades to your cameras ! My heart was pounding !

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  17. The 2 cameras on the landing of the first stage didn't match up. It had landed on the left camera but there was no sign of it on the right camera!

  18. I would love to know the technical reason for the drone ship camera footage cutting out at nearly every landing

  19. NEVER GETS boring TO VIEW THESE launches … WAY KOOL!, again & as always. Enjoy your free-floatin' time aboard the ISS, YOU CREATURES OF GOD…

  20. The only reason i watch this video is cause it has to do with SpaceX. Cant stand the NSF crew, bunch of pompous assholes

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