SSN – Social Security Number Trace- Background Checks Demystified

SSN – Social Security Number Trace- Background Checks Demystified

The SSN Trace or Social Security Trace is a key piece of an employment background check. The SSN trace is often bundled as part of the National Criminal Database search, but it shouldn’t be overlooked

The SSN trace is useful in developing alias names for the applicant that should also be run through County Criminal and Federal Criminal databases. It also give the background screening company the ability to develop address history which allows the counties of residence to specifically be searched for criminal records.

The SSN trace will also provide evidence as to when the Social Security Number was issue, where it was issued and if there has been any report to the credit bureaus that the person that the social was issued is deceased.

The SSN trace is not and should not be used to confirm identity or verify eligibility to work.


I am passionate about Risk Mitigation. I want educate business owners on what they can do to mitigate risk in their businesses and how protect themselves from those in their inner circle.

I will also be providing some strategic advice on how to be prepared for, investigate and deal more effectively with litigation and workers comp claims if and when they arise.

And now a little bit of background on me. I have been an investigative consultant to businesses and legal counsel for over 15 years. I am a license private investigator in the state of California and have testified as an expert in case involving Workers Comp, Counterfeiting and a variety of other civil cases. I own and operate my own Investigative Consulting business here in California and I enjoy speaking to businesses and law firms about current trends in litigation, technology and investigative strategy.

I believe that businesses must implement certain strategies to mitigate exposure to Embezzlement, Fraud, Workers Comp Claims, Trade Secrets theft and many other employment related claims. In today’s litigious environment you cannot eliminate law suits, but you can implement practices to reduce overall exposure.

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  1. I’m trying to find my nieces biological father for medical reasons. I have his SSN, full name, last known address, and the name of one other child he’s had. What is a trustworthy, and if possible inexpensive, way to find him?

  2. Hi could you please someone here could answer me a question, I lived and worked in California legally with my Social Security Number 17 years ago, when I needed to return to my country for personal issues, I didn't return to California except to visit friends. Some time ago I found that I lost my Social Security Number card, I only have my DMV license. How do I recover my Social Security Number? I do not remember the number … What is the official California website that I could do this search? Thank you so much if anyone can help me.

  3. How do you find out about the social security number background checks entirely. I have had many names and ect how do i start profiting from my old lives

  4. Omg I was able to find a valid SSN with the help of Lurddark on telegram he's the best no worries

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