Start With NO Money No Job 💰 Make $____ Per DAY Online in 2021(YOU decide!)

Start With NO Money No Job 💰 Make $____ Per DAY Online in 2021(YOU decide!)

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$100/day $150/day $300/day $1000/day you name your price! With a passive content creation business, the sky is really the limit to how much revenue you could create for yourself online. Today we take a deep dive at what business models you can start creating today for free even if you’re starting with little to NO Money. I believe these online businesses are the most profitable to start!

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Hi, I’m Marissa Romero and I am a YouTuber, SEO growth, and video marketing expert with a multiple 6-figure business who helps go-getters build, grow, and scale their brand and business by leveraging the YouTube platform.

NOTE: This description may contain affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!

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0:00 How Much Money are we talking?
2:40 Why Celebs make money like this
4:19 Passive Content Creation Business
5:26 My #1 recommended tool
10:45 Best social media content
17:30 These are changing the game
19:40 My investing strategy

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42 thoughts on “Start With NO Money No Job 💰 Make $____ Per DAY Online in 2021(YOU decide!)”

  1. Marissa, thank you for warning me about someone trying to pretend he/she is you. Today and yesterday I received messages from "you" just giving me a Whatsapp number. Naturally I would not use that number. Since I often read videos containing articles of extra income I seem to attract those messages. All together perhaps 7-9 times in the last 6 months. Until yesterday not from "you", mostly from 3 male YouTubers. – I´ll ignore them all. Have a nice summer, do not worry and take good care of yourself. Stay happy. – Here in the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe summer has arrived as well. From 22 to 30 C and those " white
    nights ". You can google that name. It means the sun will not set for about 5-7 weeks, depending, where you live. The higher up north, the more sun you can see 24 h daily. Southern parts of most Scandinavian countries offer half the sun in sight at night also, but
    if you happen to live above the Arctic Circle the sun is right up in the middle of the sky as if it would be noontime. Confusing for birds. They need to sing all the time. In case you forgot, which countries are the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Denmark unfortunately is too southern, close to Germany, so they miss this high sunshine at night. Other northern parts of Canada and Russia can enjoy the same spectacle in their northern parts only. Towards the end of May I heard the annual announcement in the radio weather forecast: And in those parts….. above the Arctic Cirle the sun will set again on July the 28th. I have heard it for years, yet it each time somehow sounds so intriguing.

  2. I want to be able to have a job I enjoy doing that allows me to have financial freedom at the same time.

  3. SOOO ps. Youtube has changed their monetization guidelines! (not a scam, check out this by Roberto Blake posted on the 4th He tells you what has changed, and basically you can no longer control the ads on your videos. They can put ads on your videos regardless of you being a part of adsense or not, and they can choose the content of the ads without your discretion and so this means some ads that would be unfit for your particular audience (the youtuber, not just you lol) and we have no choice. _this mainly bothers the larger content creators and he has a lot more detail. To me it did make youtube less attractive. Apparently you can't make that much on here anyway.. =[

  4. OMG. I love your videos and I share them with my siblings hoping one of us can put some of your guidance to good use. But to answer your question $150 – $200 per day would be a great start. Thank you for your content.

  5. I need 400 per day. That's just enough to pay off my credit cards that I use for my bills and groceries. 200 is minimum. But I really need 400 per day!

  6. "we just want to be transparent and be cool and just ya know,be real with each other". This is the initial reason I was drawn to you amid the pool of a billion Youtube personalities promoting products. Listening to you,watching you,seeing something in your eyes that reflected transparency. You seem to have a Soul one is guided to as oppose to stumbling upon. Thank you Marissa

  7. I would say $200. a day dependent on expenditures needed as to where one is living. And increases depending on if money is spent wisely.

  8. Adobe spark makes little attention grabbing animated 2d images with moving text for free both on iOS and Android

  9. I would be happy with $200 a day, which would mean I could work from home and support my family. I'm only 1/3 of the way there right now. Been trying for 6 months. I need to get away from the 9-5, which is more than 9-5 with all the commuting.

  10. Stop say what's you doing. I have your love and in your memories to survive. So, if you are in Colombia sorry you not my feamme. You were a girl awesome. So, Stay there now ok bye murder girl.

  11. Hey sis, (no we aren’t but just saying) lol I want to sell about three different ebooks and I have goals of a six month plan to reach 500,000 in sales not counting the money made along the way.

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