Stimulus Check Considered A Public Charge? | Immigration Advice | Pandemic Pop-up

LIVE: 4-15-20

0:00 Why has my I-751 case been pending 14-months?

1:25 How do you file an AOS through VAWA?

1:54 Can you tell me what 245(i) is?

3:27 What happens after your second prima facie expires?

3:52 If a U.S. spouse writes a letter to USCIS stating negative things about his/her married partner while the spouse’s I-751 application is pending — is that a reason to deny?

5:08 If I received a stimulus check would that be considered a public charge if I were to file for my daughter at the NVC?

6:21 What is going to happen with DACA?

7:23 I am filing the I-130 petition for my unmarried 26-year-old daughter in Jamaica. What other forms do I need to file for her?  

8:02 I have a friend that was reported to ICE for working without authorization, although she is married to a U.S. citizen. Will she be denied a GC?  

8:56 How long does it take for USCIS to conduct a background check?

9:35 If I get food stamps, would this affect my GC application?

10:00 If my conditional GC is terminated due to my lack of submitting more evidence with the I-751, can I reopen the I-751?

10:58 Can a USC file for his/her mother?

11:25 Why is the N400 process taking so long?
11:57 If I received a stimulus check would that be considered a public charge if I were to file for my daughter at the NVC?

12:09 How can I adopt my nephews in Jamaica as a green card holder?

12:47 Does the public charge rule affect U.S. citizens filing for family abroad?

12:54 WIll I get deported if I withdraw my I-589, and file an I-360?

13:32 How can the N400 filing fee be waived?
14:17 What is the status of DACA?
14:38 Should I file a joint tax return with my husband?

14:48 Will my spouse and I get approved if we live in a different state?

16:05 SHould I be contacting the Vermont Service Center about my pending EAD and Advance Parole?

16:33 How can I prove that I am not a public charge?

16:50 After you complete the I-485 interview, is a background check the same as an investigation?

17:31 I am a DACA recipient, and USCIS sent my case to the Vermont Service Center, claiming my case is VAWA. What can I do? — 

18:19 Can I apply for an AOS without the marriage certificate since the courts are closed?  —

18:37 How long will it take for a step-parent filing for kids if the PD is Oct. 2019?

18:59 Would being disabled affect my citizenship application? —

19:26 How long does it take to get a prima facie? —

19:41 Can my husband apply for an SSN number online if the social security office is closed? — 
19:54 Do I get a green card after my AOS interview if my I-360 petition was approved? — 
20:13 If Child Protective Services brought me up on charges, would that affect my I-360?

20:53 How many letters from friends and family should I submit to USCIS proving my bona fide marriage?

21:13 Can I travel to the U.S. on my K-1 visa?

21:37 As a green card holder, can I file an I-130 petition for my wife if her J-1 visa is about to expire?

22:06 I received a letter of intent to deny because USCIS couldn’t authenticate the validity of my divorce decree document. What can I do?

22:39 How can I get a green card if I overstayed my visa?

22:57 I don’t have a green card but I received my stimulus check today!
23:12 Can I file an orphan petition for my grandchild if he currently lives with me in the U.S.?

24:08 Is it possible to book an appointment with Spar & Bernstein?

24:42 My wife filed for my son and me in August of 2019. How long should the process take?

25:00 Can I receive pension payments if I live abroad?

25:45 Is USCIS processing cases?

25:58 If I have a U.S. medical license degree, would that help me prove that I am not a public charge?

26:16 How long does it take for my wife to file for my son and me?

26:36 Would USCIS question the validity of marriage with a 36-year age gap?

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  1. My spouse is living in Ny and we got married recently. His Is applied for Citizenship of his now. When he is apply.

  2. I was a J1 in the US for 2 years. I got stimulus cheque of $1200 in April. And now I am in India. Is it a public charge for a non- citizen to accept stimulus cheque. Is it going to affect my future entry to USA and Canada? Because I am planning to go to Canada soon. Plz reply to me.

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