STORYTIME | I Lost My Job Offer

Ever got toooooo comfortable?
Tune in to hear how I Iost my job offer during my last year of college and what I learned during that season.


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21 thoughts on “STORYTIME | I Lost My Job Offer”

  1. Tolu Okanlawon says:

    loveeeeeeee it

  2. Tolu Okanlawon says:

    pop off sis ♥️ love you.

  3. aideh okoloise says:

    This is awesome!! I really honor and appreciate hardwork and that characteristic is so evident in you! From school to work to church to your videos you put in mad work and it does not go unnoticed! Fantastic video! I would love to see an adulting 3.0 video soon. Lol I'm about to be out by myself so all advice is welcome!

  4. Stephanie Amobi says:

    So fun! I loved this! It's even better because I get to witness a lot of what you talk about so it's not like your making this stuff up. You legit ma! Keep it up girlie I'm super proud of you <3 p.s. this was my bedtime story last night before I fell asleep <3

  5. tushna eduljee says:

    Hey! Just wondering, as an aspiring CS major, what college did you go to?

  6. Lynda A says:

    Woow. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm actually a recent CS grad and I sometimes get waves of doubt of whether or not I'll get a job (especially since I've never had an internship). Thank you for the motivation!!
    Would you have any advice on how to reach out/connect with people in order to get a job?

  7. EvocFox says:

    hey I just started youtube and I wanted to know how you got subscribes or started to get them trying go get some Subs you know 🙂

  8. Oluwaseyi says:

    Love the set up!! I look forward to editing this comment as I progress through the video haha!

  9. Oluwaseyi says:

    Yes KIMBERLY!!!!!!!! Praise God for this testimony!!

  10. Oluwaseyi says:

    #neverafraidtocomment youre awesome!!!

  11. CurlyBelle says:

    Yes Kim!!! God is so great! He always comes through!

  12. Abeni Adeyemi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. God truly works in really mysterious ways. More love and light x

  13. Stephanie Hammond says:

    God is so good!!! In moments like that all you can do is depend on God! His faithfulness endures forever ! Great video KP!

  14. Grace U. says:

    Love this boo!

  15. Timothy Wheeler says:

    Exhausting all your options…thats a word KP!!

  16. jhonnie b says:

    So pretty, and do u have a skincare routine?

  17. Dolapo O. says:

    I tap into this testimony. Awesome!

  18. Malik Hairston says:

    I can tell she from Baltimore

  19. Natsai Ndebele says:

    This is an amazing testimony, thanks for sharing this. I saw this video a while back but watching it this time I feel a lot better and I understand you. I struggled so much getting a summer internship had so many doors slammed in my face and God pulled through with more than 1 offer which to me was just beyond my wildest dreams. It was really a tough and draining journey but I thank God for being there he is amazing.

  20. Trisha Collymore says:

    Good for you that you stuck with you CS major, I changed mine to Accounting. Now I kinda wish I would've stuck with my CS major.

  21. Julie B says:

    Sorry to hear, I relate.

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