Styling Form Validation Errors – HTML & CSS Tutorial

In this video tutorial I’ll be showing you a technique for styling up validation errors for use on your HTML forms using CSS.

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8 thoughts on “Styling Form Validation Errors – HTML & CSS Tutorial”

  1. 1DA18TE401_Ajith kumar R says:

    I am feeling glad watched it
    Thanks for that.
    But for displaying error
    U should added a eventlistener on submit of form then
    A simple value comparison or regex so if it returns error add data attribute and remove otherwise which

  2. ORHAN KANSIZ says:


  3. Sagar Ghorai says:

    Where sourse code??
    Give me sourse code

  4. KVNCNLS says:

    Dude, random question: Which keyboard are you using? Loving the clickity clackity sounds haha.

  5. Rahul Singh says:

    Nice coding
    Can you make a full fledge video on HTML and CSS for learning.

  6. Сингапур says:

    brother, I wanted to tell you if, for example, a person registered clicked on send, then his registration will come to me

  7. Abdulhussain Ezzi says:

    I wrote the exact same code on vscode and the css for the colors and attribute is not working Kindly assist

  8. Dunia Boualouache says:

    what if you have many types of errors in one input ?

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