Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

It’s been 35 years since the first Super Mario Bros. game was released! Check out the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct for news on upcoming Super Mario games and products releasing before Spring 2021!

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20 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct”

  1. Lucca Seager says:

    Hearing that music in the Super Mario 3D World segment made me genuinely cry.

  2. Jayanth Sahasranamamula says:

    11:44 I think that you guys are greedy pigs that deserve to go out of business because of piracy

  3. Connor's Animatronics says:

    Will you still accept prepared for The Game and Watch

  4. Jason Natalie says:


  5. Hunter Jazzy says:

    Still some mario games are not on nintendo switch

  6. Mr Sawdawg says:

    8:58 We are the champions my friends

  7. J F says:

    +Nintendo WHERE IS GALAXY 2?!

  8. Dopey Ginger says:

    Still waiting for a Zelda 35th anniversary direct…

  9. Dm says:

    1:35 Best 3d mario game

  10. Sonic Tails 08 says:

    Nintendo I just told somebody that did super Mario 3-D All-Stars bloopers that ITold him to tell on you for taking down super Mario Bros 35

  11. Sonic Tails 08 says:

    If you make super Mario Bros 35 playable again then I’ll be happy

  12. Sonic Tails 08 says:

    My mom’s top 4Mario games are Mario party super Mario 64 Mario kart and super Mario Bros 3

  13. Sonic Tails 08 says:

    Nintendo I hope you get my messages on super Mario Bros 35th anniversary direct

  14. Sonic Tails 08 says:

    My top 35 Mario games are Mario Bros super Mario Bros super Mario Bros the lost of levels super Mario Bros two super Mario Bros three super Mario land super Mario world super Mario land to school in coins Dr. Mario super Mario world super Mario 64 super Mario sunshine super Mario van super Mario advance two super Mario world super Mario advance three Yoshi‘s Island super Mario vans for super Mario Bros three bonus cards super Mario 64 DS new Super Mario Bros Yoshi‘s Island DS super Mario galaxy new super Mario Bros Wii super Mario galaxy two super Mario 3-D land new super Mario Bros two new super Mario Bros you super Mario 3-D world Mario gold Mario tennis super Mario maker super Mario maker for Nintendo 3DS super Mario maker two Super Mario Run super Mario 3-D world plus Bowser‘s fury super Mario 3-D all stars super Mario Bros 35 yeah coming Mario golf super wash Mario tennis aces Paper Mario paper Mario the thousand year door super paper Mario paper Mario sticker star paper Mario color splash super Mario RPG legend of the seven stars paper Mario the origami kingdom Dr. Mario game boy Dr. Mario 64 super Mario Bros the lights on the game boy color new super Mario Bros you deluxe Mario and sonic at the Olympic Games Mario and Luigi Mario and Bowser‘s inside story plus Bowser Junior‘s journey Mario and Luigi dream team super Mario All-Stars super Mario All-Stars 25th anniversary edition super Mario All-Stars and super Mario world Mario party Mario party two Mario party three Mario party for Mario party five Mario party six Mario party seven Mario party eight Mario party nine Mario party 10 super Mario party Mario party the top 100 Mario party star rush dr. Mario and Tetris Mario and sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mario paint Hotel Mario Mario ABC’s Mario 123’s Mario is missing Mario’s time machine Mario teaches typing super smash Bros super smash bro‘s for Nintendo 3DS super smash bro’s for wii u super smash bro‘s brawl super smash Bros Manley super smash bro‘s ultimate

  15. rani tleis says:

    looks like no zelda 35th 🙁

  16. Mathcoolb says:

    Disappointed that the ending melody didn't feature Mario Teaches Typing

  17. Gary says:

    The hype for 3D All-Stars was a once in a lifetime experience

  18. comepuchas says:


  19. Omid Navid says:


  20. Connor Martin says:

    You could have put Super Mario Galaxy 2 in Super Mario 3D All-Stars because everyone that has played Super Mario Galaxy 2 has said it is better than Galaxy 1. In my opinion

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