Surveillance Of Your Activities In Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Lawyer Joe Miller warns anyone who has been seriously injured: Big Brother is Watching You! It is relatively inexpensive for the workers compensation insurance company to hire a private investigator to film you whenever you are outside your home, and even inside your home if the windows are open. If you are on work restrictions, you should always assume you are being videoed. If you are doing anything beyond your restrictions, the insurance company would just love to show that footage to your doctor and get you released to full duty. Be smart. Do not give them that opportunity. For more info, please visit us online at


11 thoughts on “Surveillance Of Your Activities In Workers Comp”

  1. I have a knee injury,but my Doctor said I can go to the gym.I don’t do any leg workout just bench.Oan I haven’t had my surgery yet

  2. the insurance company and their doctors hid a cancer diagnosis from me in hopes it would kill me before they had to settle.

  3. Workman comp is a joke on you,they well hurt you more, over,over, lawyers want help you or lieing ombudsman, if you get hurt bad,workman comp protects your employer from being sued and screws you .

  4. One of those grey areas. Of course not everyone is a criminal but the reason why this happens is because many people falsely claim worker's comp. There's a popular video of a woman who had a fire sprinkler fall and land next to her, missing her, but she was caught on camera picking it up and smashing it against her own head in order to file for comp. Had she not been on video she would have most likely gotten it and possibly successfully sued the company.

  5. I have a case currently, I was on work restrictions, and my supervisor made me work full duty regardless, am I liable for that.

  6. i've decided to take action against the trespassing pi's. any help with citizens arrest would be greatly appreciated.

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