SYKKUNO'S CHAT MADE HIM CRY DURING HIS BIRTHDAY STREAM!? | Sykkuno moments ft Michael Reeves & more!

SYKKUNO’S CHAT MADE HIM CRY DURING HIS BIRTHDAY STREAM!? | Sykkuno minecraft moments ft. Michael Reeves, Lilypichu and more!

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20 thoughts on “SYKKUNO'S CHAT MADE HIM CRY DURING HIS BIRTHDAY STREAM!? | Sykkuno moments ft Michael Reeves & more!”

  1. I want to be friends with sykkuno. I would like to play games with him. His friends are SO lucky to have him and I could only wish to have someone as nice as sykkuno…. so no one exept sykkuno

  2. I understand why he thinks so. He has been bullied badly, has social anxiety and low self esteem. Has no friends outside his streamer friends which he met just recently. Had only 1 relationship which ended badly. Also it was almost entirely long distance online relationship. Liked a girl that played game together but found out she is actually a guy. One girl asked for his phone number and wrote it on public toilet wall. Strange guys called him for a year after that. His DM was full of guys that insulted or trolled him. Most of his life he was never popular among girls. Until recently he was just an awkward small streamer. Now suddenly there are thousands of girl calling him cute, it's hard to accept it or believe it in short amount of time. Also he is surrounded by so many girls now, OTV friends has so many female streamers. But he is friendzoned by all of them. He brought flowers to Lily when they first met, remember. And Lily just joked about it. They all say that he is cute and all but never treat him like an opposite sex. I feel like most girls see him as a cute puppy or smth. He needs someone that would take him serious instead of just being fetishized .

  3. none:

    Sykkuno: ''People have never really liked me..''
    me 3 seconds later he said that: cries like hell

  4. Everytime I hear sykunno voice trembling I can't help but tear up. He's such a genuine kind hearted person and I hope he finds somebody to love ;( <3

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