Terrible Things Found On Background Checks (Work Stories r/AskReddit)

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▶ Fresh AskReddit Stories: Employers of reddit, what is the most disturbing thing you’ve discovered performing a background check on candidates?

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40 thoughts on “Terrible Things Found On Background Checks (Work Stories r/AskReddit)”

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  7. Robert Phillips says:

    Years ago before the company I work for could get on the spot background checks they hired a women for a job in a merchandise location. On her application she put down that she had been convicted of murder and served several years in prison. The company was okays with that. Several weeks later her background check came back and I was sent to escort her out, because she had not put down on her application that she was also convicted for robbery. I was shocked to find out that they were okay with her killing someone but because she had robbed someone also that they have a policy against any one working in a merchandise location with that on their record. She was calm about it and told me that since the robbery was during the murder she only put the murder down because it was a more serious crime and that because she did not know that her then boyfriend was going to rob the guy he killed she didn’t think it mattered?

  8. clashvalley says:

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  9. Jordon Renn says:

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  10. rabid rabbitshuggers says:

    I almost got the job until a background check showed I destroyed Tokyo in 1988.

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  22. Sandy of Cthulhu says:

    Interviewing a guy to work at my software company. At the lets-get-to-know-each-other dinner, he boasted about the fact that he'd stolen $8000 worth of video cards from his previous employer. We, the leads, all looked at each other aghast. Then we continued with the dinner, joked, and had a good time. Originally we were planning to have him stick around the next day and meet the rest of the programming team, but instead we flew him back that night. Deal breaker.

  23. Señor Pants says:

    Dat last one, the cook who killed his family. I wonder if it was this guy

  24. The Prime Minister of Australia says:

    Eighty hour weeks are nothing to be proud of

  25. Linny H says:

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  26. A Stoic's Door says:

    Hearing some of these, I dont even blame felons for turning back to crime. Like wtf else is there for them.

  27. Kyle.1 says:

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  28. bundescoach says:

    How the fuck do you get someones police record from a simple google search?

  29. William M says:

    Related story: I was looking for a roommate and a guy contacted me through Craigslist. I took his name and did a basic background check and he was a convicted sex offender who had sexually assaulted a 13 year old boy. If you saw him, you'd never imagine it. He was well-dressed and looked like a normal friendly guy. Years earlier I knew a convicted rapist who also seemed like a normal regular guy. That's why you have to do that background check.

  30. D0M3K1LL4PR says:

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  31. HMiche93 says:

    That HR person needs to be FUCKING FIRED. That is an unforgivable oversight, especially in their line of work.

  32. H. Woods says:


  33. William Mcleod says:

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  34. Shinobu Sakurazaka says:

    The company I work is very 'ex-convict' friendly, we work closely with police and probation services to help with community service orders and re-habitation so these people know that they can turn their life around. With that being said it always people who have been done for non-violent offences that they did out of sheer stupidity and were very unlikely to re-offend.

    Working in HR there is fascinating because some of the crimes are 'interesting' to say the least like the guy who tried to shag a police cruiser and got done for a public order offence that was shorten to 'PNWI'. (Public Nudity While Intoxicated)

    P.S. He was quite open about it to the point where we would tell him to 'avert his gaze' whenever a police cruiser is outside our office building which was fairly regularly.

  35. Collin Swisher says:

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  36. BLEARELK5 Ftw says:

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  37. Julie Ann Anderson says:

    @8:33 Should have offered the guy an interview at a time convenient to the Marshals..

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