Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?

If you’ve ever googled someone’s name, even your own, you will likely have come across one of the many websites that offer to sell you anyone’s information for a small fee. Have you ever wonder how much information they really have and how accurate that information is? Let’s test that out by using two websites, Intelius and PeopleFinders.

Here is the information they claim to be able to provide:
Current and Past Contact Info
Reverse Phone Lookups
Addresses and Phone Numbers
AKAs, AGE, Date of Birth
Relatives & Associates
Background Check Reports
Criminal Records Data
Marriage & Divorce Records
Public Records Data
Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens
Property Records
Marriage and Divorce Records
Wants & Warrants

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46 thoughts on “Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?”

  1. InaneGhost says:

    I found out a lot about my teacher crush

  2. Watermelon Felon says:

    Wtf so it's a legal site that let's possible pedophiles to jack off to your pics and you'll never know??? Like its suppose to help you with scammers? Right.. as if the majority of users aren't trying to get into a girl's email to view photos and shit

  3. Green Whale says:

    I’m really lucky, they don’t have one on me. But my parents…That’s another matter…

  4. jeffery williams says:

    I hope that EVERYONE playing with this site realizes that this information may be confused with other people with a similar name. In other words some of this information may be extremely inaccurate but unfortunately some people believe Obama could control the weather and tides. I actually played with this site just to see how accurate it was. I found out things about this person that I would have never imagined. He was wanted by the FBI for terrorist involvement and he also had a long criminal record with multiple felonies. Then for my credit card number this wonderful company that knows everything about everybody would give me the details about this person's extremely long criminal background. After a long laugh and my wife saying"I told you this was not very accurate". I stopped playing with the app. Oh about the person I was investigating it was my friends brother. He's was paralyzed when he was 9 years old unable to move from his shoulders down. The site had his birthdate and address correct so I guess that's it's not completely wrong. My friends brother was laughing and said man I wish I did do all that stuff. He still loves funny stories especially like this. After finding that this site was not reliable or factual I decided to put my information in. Wow I was shocked. They had me living in several different places that I vacationed at. After living in the same place for 26 years I decided right away that this site doesn't do their homework. But I understand. Some people enjoy these sites and are convinced that these sites have billions of investigators that sneak around 24/7 and spy on our every move including bathroom trips. So please wash your hands just incase your being videoed. By the way I got a DUI in Germany in 1983 while in the military. Only two problems, I've never been in the military and never been to Germany. I'd love to go. Please verify any information you find on any site like this. You may be accusing someone of something they didn't do but possibly thinking that it sounded fun and wish they did do it. Just saying if you want an answer ask the person in question then confirm what they say. Much easier and more reliable. And cheaper too. If you're thinking about dating someone that you need to investigate please just ask around I assure you that someone knows this guy and will be glad to tell you about his history good or bad. Your welcome and please be safe. Lots of demons are just waiting for you women to believe what they posted. Like I'm a lawyer or doctor and never been married and I'm 31 years old. And I'm bashful. Ladies please think. Really??????? This post should say ladies I work at Wal-Mart and live with my mother and I'm 31 years old. And I love watching porn with my clothes off. Just saying ladies please ask around before dating anyone your not sure of. Thanks and be safe.

  5. Courtney Timmons says:

    Can you see your SO messages and calls on peoplelooker

  6. Cody Watson says:

    Time to get more chickens and have a nice bobcat dinner!

  7. ChillEzzE,R, says:

    Please god no, these stupid websites are weird and I don’t like having my phone number on the web where you only have to pay some money to see my email and stuff. I really don’t like these websites

  8. Martina Silva says:

    What if I only have a phone number??
    Afraid the name is fake

  9. The Game Inspector says:

    I do remember you

  10. Cynthia Pena says:

    This is so scary

  11. Coverage Awareness Studio says:

    operation opt out right now

  12. TheGamingEngine says:

    nice googe always listening guy, i was wonder why you look familiar

  13. Rick Rick says:

    Great video. Very informative. Just saved me money!!! Thanks so much!

  14. Max Alexander says:

    i keep getting a call from a restricted number and i answered the second call, should i be nervous?

  15. Menhera-Chan says:

    Im scared, I'm on there, bruh.

  16. KaWi Reloaded says:

    I help people find lost family in my free time, including adoptees, and these resources are invaluable. It just sucks that i know many people will use this with bad intentions. But yes, and there’s even easier ways to find info, for free, that i will not share on here.

  17. Shitposter 6 9 says:

    Dude that bobcats k/d is insane

  18. Ronald Yang says:

    Me: *hears time of potential death*

  19. Newyear2018 says:

    Finding people assets on the site is not always accurate they could be under someone else's name when you click on their name it will have someone else's name.

  20. TapThat-Booty69 1 says:

    Is there any free versions of this

  21. Milftendo says:

    Seems like it works im about to find my crash address

  22. kiarra Ja2 says:

    Do they know that there are evil people in this freaking world??!? Yea I hate it here.

  23. Random A says:

    So this is where Nardwuar gets his information

  24. Aiden P says:

    Watch Dogs.

  25. Hienie Nguyen says:

    i was checking on this yesterday i had to get this bc my ex bf is seriously a pathological liar. i definitely had to get more information on him

  26. Backpacker Indonesia says:

    mantul vidonya, bakal sering sering mampir nonton 😀

  27. Ames Gamache says:

    You know who you won't find on any of these sites??? exactly, you guessed it! You won't find me on any BS sites… I AM OUT!!

  28. Kaleigh Ochoa says:

    I actually found my bio mom on MyLife.com but to access all her info I had to pay 1$ but it was worth it!

  29. Joe G. says:

    Try white pages.com it has more accurate reports.

  30. Ellis Hubbard says:

    the picture behind him is sending me!!!

  31. J R says:

    Is there any sites where I can search for them by just their username??

    For example: Snapchat username

  32. Vernon says:

    Thanks for the Info !! I was going to try and find some lost family members present address to reunite by mail first or maybe a phone call, thanks for saving me from wasting my money.. 🙂

  33. Stocky says:

    I should do this with celebrity’s and call them and ask it is my friend (I know they are not my friend obviously) and they say no, and I say sorry wrong number. Then hang up.

  34. I Mature says:

    if this is a stalker report thing…can't…STALKERS look you up and get YOUR info?

  35. The Trololololololol says:

    Omg I just searched up myself this is scary.

  36. SPC max Alt says:

    This video proves that everyone needs a VPN! Stacked

  37. Santana CJ says:

    How do I remove information

  38. geri yunes ramos says:

    Is this only accurate in USA? how about like my partner in Morocco?

  39. Neenee Major says:

    How do I delete my information

  40. Candles council says:

    I looked on a site called Spokeo and it turns out I'm worth 0.95 (50% off)

  41. knight of cydonia says:

    you are unnaturally handsome, dude.

  42. LegitimateKill says:

    No thanks, view my report. Big L.

  43. michael Lawrence says:

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  44. Ickey Sticky. says:

    Well how would they know your name really? You can be anyone on Social media. I was even Joseph Micheal Rose on Facebook. I'm actually Paul Les Logan.

  45. Spring Trap says:

    That's scary

  46. Blasphemer7924 says:

    I love your channel and it's funny they say they don't sell information when that's what they did to you in this video

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