THC Drug Testing: Will you PASS or FAIL?

THC and drug testing – Here’s what you need to know!

Okay, let’s not pussyfoot around the elephant in the room, and it’s a pretty big elephant.

In many countries, the smoking of cannabis is illegal, though the state of play seems to be changing and, in time, the laws may well change.

However, here we are talking about today.

Beyond legality, there is also the question of being fit and capable for work.

There are a good number of companies who require staff to take random drug tests.
What we want to do here is simply inform you on how long THC can linger in your system and how, for some, it can pass through more quickly than others.

We should also point out that THC can remain in your body for up to 30 days after you have ingested cannabis, especially if eaten as opposed to smoked.

Beyond this, and this is where forensic science comes in, your hair will contain traces of cannabis that will remain there for at least 90 days. If there is the possibility that a drug test will include hair follicles, our advice is to keep away from cannabis for a long Long time!

Thus, unexpectedly shaving your head just prior to a very critical and rigorous interview might just give the game away!

First thing to note is that because THC is lipid soluble, overweight individuals will retain THC in their system for longer than their thinner companions.

Worse still, if you smoke cannabis, don’t go in for heavy exercise just prior to any urine test as when fat is broken down, THC is released into your system and will come out in your urine.

However, before you think that going for a run might also get you stoned on that THC, the levels are detectible, but miniscule and will have no psychotropic effect.

The tests for THC are actually for the metabolite THC-COOH, or tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid, though that’s a bit of a mouthful!

You should also be aware that THC can build up in your system over time, so regular users are more likely to retain THC in their system for longer than ‘newbies’ who have a relatively pristine metabolism.

Light use would be up to three times a week, medium use would be up to five times a week, heavy use would be seven times a week and chronic heavy use would be frequently every day.

For a urine test and as a rule of thumb, light users should see any traces of THC disappear after three days, but heavy users will need up to 30 days plus.

If you have to undergo a saliva test, then allow three days if you are a light user, seven days for a medium user, 15 days for a heavy user but again up to 30 days or even more if you are a chronic heavy user.

For a blood test, the rule is up to two days for it to remain in the bloodstream, but THC has been found in blood tests 25 days after smoking cannabis, so unfortunately there really is no definitive answer.

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37 thoughts on “THC Drug Testing: Will you PASS or FAIL?”

  1. I just smoke 11 days ago 4 blunts with friends i have drug test and im gonna be 14 days sober during that day you think im good i bought a drug test kit and tested myself it says positive

  2. QuickFix Synthetic urine.
    Have used several times over the years (CDL truck driver).
    Works every time.

  3. I smoked 13 days ago, peed today. Last time i smoked besides the 13 days ago was like 6+ Months. I believe around 0.8g im 179cm and 65kg. Im freaking out. If i pass i get a good job otherwise i wont get it……

  4. They banned weed due to the white black conflict. Otherwise it was a perfect plant. I have a dream that one day this plant will be legalized on the entire planet

  5. I took a drug test last Wednesday it’s now the next week Tuesday and have not heard back after it was sent to the lab should I be worried or am I fine?

  6. If I smoked 3-4 days ago,
    did some cardio the night before the test,
    but I'm not overweight, and the last time I had any cannabis, (I ate a brownie) was new years eve of 2019 ._. Like my spans are 6 months to years apart.

    Do y'all think I'm screwed? I didn't even think about scheduling it today D; I do it so infrequently, it's not even in my head…
    I hate how this shit is still something to test for. I'd feel safer with a pothead than an alcoholic, but they never test for alcohol in your system and it's so normalized to go home and have a beer after work ._. it's SO ridic.

  7. I have the test in two days, last time I smoked was 16 days ago, I’m a fuckin skinny guy about 55kg 1.75m, do you think I would be positive?

  8. Tip from a old stoner. Take NIACIN everyday. Even after they drug test you take niacin everyday…. Cuz if you come out too clean they'll test you again and if you're not taking niacin bye-bye job

  9. I’m doing a blood test(medical) for immigration next week Monday and I haven’t smoked in a week and some days now i don’t feel confident going in what can I do

  10. I smoked half a blunt for the first time in 3 months, how long yall think the thc will be in my body? Thanks in advance!

  11. smoked everyday for about 2-3 months, found out i have a pee test in a month. I haven’t smoked in a week, i workout everyday, drink a lot of water, 5’10 180 lbs, tf do i do and will i be fine?

  12. I’m fat as fuck chronic user dabbing and smoking from disperses for like 8 months straight I pissed clean in 25 days

  13. I smoked the day before a urine drug test and I smoke 4 times a week usually and still passed the test. I am a regular build guy. I would say if you want to be sure, contact an independent drug testing site in your city, pay for a drug test yourself and see before you test. But usually doesn't stay in your system.

  14. The last time i got high was on delta 8 nd i did it for 2 nd a half months when should my system be clean i tested myself today nd it came back positive

  15. As long as I do it at home and not at work, companies can go f themselves with their infringement on my home life. I work around people who go home and drink alcohol and come in the next morning verily able to function, that is if can even manage to make it in at all. You know it as well as I do that alcohol is a better get problem than weed.

  16. Whats good canada if its legal i dam better be able to pass a pee test just for having thc in system

  17. What if it’s an edible that had 250mgs and I never smoke or take edibles. And I’m light? I took it 3 days ago

  18. So I haven't smoked on 3 days, doing a mouth swab and I just had a tooth pulled, so my saliva will have blood in it, will that change anything?

  19. I'm skinny with a fast metabolism, iv'e had multiple urine tests including being sent to a lab, i test negative despite smoking every day, i asked a doctor about this an was told about 10 % of us are like this – rock on !!!!!!

  20. Just did a UA and hair follicle drug test. Had a thc edible about 5 weeks again and before that maybe 2 months. I’ll post my results (pos or neg) in replies. I’m not even a light user so we’ll see if my 1 time here and there tells the tale or if we’re all fucked lol

  21. Stays in my system for 4 MONTHS AFTER I QUIT! Litterally! And if I eat NOTHING BUT VEGGIES AND FRUIT I can get it out in 2.5 months, however, even after testing negitive for a solid 2 weeks, I went and had BREAD and POOF I'm testing positive again! It is temporary if course as long as I don't smoke again I can test negitive again just by going back to a no dairy no bread no meat diet. But I've never seen a drug hang on so hard for SO LONG and depend SO HEAVILY on my diet as to what the levels show in my urine! But I would lay my hand on the bible they ABSOLUTELY DO! So, even if I'm testing negitive, I don't leave it to chance. I do Certo before the test EVEN THO I'm testing negitive at home! It's a hell of a drug to try to get out your system y'all!

  22. I was a chronic user and I stopped for a month and hit one how long will it stay in your system after

  23. If your test goes to quest diagnostics you will fail. There cut off level is 20ng/ml and if you test above or below that they do a conformation test to check if its a false negative or false positive and the conformation is 5ng/ml. If it comes back at let's say 6ng/ml its a POSITIVE.

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