The #1 Mistake People Make On Turo & How You Can Avoid It

Mistakes are made in business, but in the case of Turo there is one mistake that people make far too often…and it’s a big one.
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People have mixed feelings when it comes to Turo, some people love the platform and some people hate it. But, in my opinion, I feel as though sometimes this hate is a bit unwarranted. That far too often, people throw around the term “scam” or “fraud” in relation to Turo when someone has a poor experience with the platform. But, in my experience, the people that often throw these terms around are the same people that have made crucial, almost self-inflicted, mistakes when running their own Turo business.

The good news is, that these mistakes can be easily avoided. So, today I am going to be breaking down what this big mistake is and how you can avoid it going forward. Let’s go!

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – What is Turo
01:12 – Turos Bad Reputation
04:34 – Extreme Consequences
05:24 – Business is Sometimes Risky
06:01 – My Turo Background
07:17 – How to be Successful on Turo
07:48 – Turo Has Had a Big Shift

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20 thoughts on “The #1 Mistake People Make On Turo & How You Can Avoid It”

  1. I'm all for doing your research, but if you defend a company getting out of their end of the bargain, then you're a bootlicker. Insurance companies get away with whatever we allow them to.

  2. Great vid, I am beginning to explore this service. Your channel is the first thing to pop up, I hope to gain more information through your experience!

  3. Your headline is misleading. This video is for people thinking about renting out their car. Please try again. i.e "Renting out your car. The #1 Mistake People Make On Turo…"

  4. We don't need Turo to rent cars out, just use renters' personal insurance, they will cover your car much better and you get 100% of the money. Good luck getting your car fixed by Turo if a major accident happens. My Daughters Tesla has been in the shop since September 2020 and Turo is trying to find ways not to pay for it while I still have to pay $700 a month

  5. Excellent video once again. I am leaning towards not taking this venture but your videos have really helped me on making an informed decision. Thank you so much

  6. I had a renter do a hit and run on another vehicle. And somehow I'm responsible for 3rd party damages and required to pay my deductible. I understand that's the terms of service, but that doesn't make any sense to me. I would think that I would be responsible only if there was damage that was NOT the renters fault.

  7. In a year and half, the service has made changes to their platform that has consistently diminished the amount owners take away from each rental. I may be mistaken, but from recent memory, there have been almost zero permanent changes that benefits owners, only inhibits their profitability/ causes loss. I've had 8-10 cars on their platform for some time and thia trend only seems to continue. If your going to rent out cars, I would'nt over commit. Also a final note: renters are most definitely going to damage your car. It's happened to every single one of my cars at a rate of about one renter for every 9. The insurance used to be beneficial to owners but not anymore at all.

  8. Putting a lucrative business model in the hands of a novice will produce disastrous results like this. Turo is just like any entrepreneurial opportunity. It is what you make of it it. And if you are intelligent and thorough, you can be successful. It’s not for everyone.

  9. Thank you so much for presenting your story and reasons why you've succeeded without candy coating your own due diligence. I'm researching entering into Turo as a means to generate income to help support my dad's geriatric medical bills, I don't have a ton of time to look at every business model out there, and you're frankness really spoke to me. I don't usually like and subscribe the first video I watch on a new channel but you've more than earned my support. Thank you for saving me a lot of time in narrowing down what I need to focus on to know if this business model is for me and our situation.

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