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An alarming number of deaths occurring in the Intensive Care Unit of a California hospital had staff members highly concerned. Hospital staffers suspected one of the respiratory therapists was up to something. Rumor’s surfaced of a “magic syringe” used by the therapist, possibly to administer poison to kill patients in the hospital.

When drugs were found in the therapist’s possession, investigators brought him in for questioning, at which time he admitted to killing hundreds of people. Without corroborating evidence, however, authorities would have to let him go.

Forensic scientists were brought in to develop a method of detecting the suspected poisons in the bodies of past victims. When poison was detected in several bodies exhumed by authorities, the respiratory therapist called “the angel of death” would finally be convicted.

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37 thoughts on “The Angel Of Death (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories”

  1. Peter Nolan says:

    I wouldn't take a polygraph either. Wrong too often!

  2. Saima Shapi says:

    Oh my goodness!! This is why hate hospitals..u hv to be very careful where u go for treatment. Seriously, they didn't suspect even after 2nd,3rd time healthy recovering patients..odd. Oh my goodness they r evil humanbeings out der, can't imagine how vunerable u already r when ur sick & helpless..realying on the most important people in the health care industry to be empathetic..however some of them do the most horrif murders. It is shocking.

  3. Nisha Smitty says:

    Glad they got him he can't hurt no more ppl thank God…

  4. Nichole Lopez says:

    omg the acting is soooo bad if she is a dnr u dont call code blue tf?

  5. Lisa Ortiz says:

    Ronnie the rooster

  6. Jeannee Waseck says:

    The Murderpedia page on him :

  7. rence Mero says:

    Will see what happens to you doctor

  8. Ishould dowhat says:

    Doctors & nurses are the worst and this is just one example.

  9. Jan says:

    He thought he could secretly kill all through his career

  10. Steel Magnolia says:

    Frequency of ads is outrageous!!!

  11. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Some people are just pure evil. 🙁 Too many loop holes in the justice system where these people have to be let out of jail. Laws need to be changed to protect the victims.

  12. Jonette Mendenhall says:

    I believe life would be worse than death.

  13. Lisa F says:

    you know i find it ironic that they say 'some of the names have been change' when their names have been mentioned on other documentaries regarding to the same criminal case

  14. Sandi Beu says:

    Why didn't they arrest him at the house?

  15. M S says:

    Yolanda Saldivar was a nurse too. Yeah no Saldivar healthcare workers in my room.

  16. Munish Kapil says:

    Not All Medical professionals not Angels. Some are Demons. I have had a real life experience like this in a Hospital in Delhi. May the Lord Punish all these demons

  17. Munish Kapil says:

    The Title Should be Demon of Death

  18. Jenn Merkabah says:

    Way too many ads!!

  19. tracy mcenaney says:

    A globalists ally, without knowing it.

  20. Ralph Cramden says:

    I was one of these victims, yeah really,believe me.

  21. Mochi_Gaming says:

    So, my question is: How is Efren Saldivar now in prison? Did he really actually suffer for the consequences of his action? How i wish the other prisoners is making his life miserable EVERY SINGLE DAY

  22. Mochi_Gaming says:

    So, my question is: How is Efren Saldivar now in prison? Did he really actually suffer for the consequences of his action? How i wish the other prisoners is making his life miserable EVERY SINGLE DAY

  23. Mochi_Gaming says:

    So, my question is: How is Efren Saldivar now in prison? Did he really actually suffer for the consequences of his action? How i wish the other prisoners are making his life miserable EVERY SINGLE DAY

  24. naya shams says:

    They must have deal with it at the early sign. It is very unfortunate to wait so long. People died in meantime.

  25. naya shams says:

    I can not believe the system, to let the killer be free.

  26. naya shams says:

    It makes me sick in my stomach, I afraid to go to hospital for this reason.

  27. Mariah MichellBeautyWednes says:

    Efen Saldivar,the human with the secret of evils mind. Become serial killer to the innocent patients at the hospital,so sad & scary. There was satan work at the hospital ready to kill every patients with his silent killer. Crazy. One of the nurse had been notice Efen Salvidar color and why she didn't report to the medical officers? Thank God the police got him.

  28. Zenas La Rosa says:

    Restraining patients is bad practice, very very bad.

  29. Willow says:

    Any Nurse who suspected anything this man was doing should have reported immediately to their managers, and if nothing done then work their way up the chain of command! That’s why they have a chain of command. As a Nurse I feel really angry about this and I hope those who didn’t needed fired, snd that the hospital lost their shirts in court! That could be someone I love.

  30. eric mun says:


  31. Ertjies B says:

    If he did it because if 'workload', he wouldn't be killing people that were set to be released early or that only had a couple of days left in hospital or that got a lot better from being very sick. He would only be killing people that were known to be on death's door, that had no great chance of improving, people that were on life support to be switched off soon or almost definitely.

    He did it for power and probably because he got a sick thrill from watching them die, sometimes slowly.

  32. Monty Wormald says:

    Get a camera in every room sorted

  33. Phil Roseman- The Wisdom of Manhood says:

    When I saw how many ads there were in this video, I immediately rated low and closed it. Who you foolin’??

  34. Christine says:


  35. Lizzy Garrett says:

    Lethal injection for him live on TV

  36. Ellen Knell says:

    It's funny that during most interrogations all the detective needs is a confession too the murder after a suspects is brought in, but here the murderer confesses, but its not enough to convict him…..odd!

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