The gun solution we're not talking about

Universal background checks won’t fix America’s gun crisis. But there’s something else that might.

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It seems like after every mass shooting, politicians talk about expanding background checks for gun buyers. But background checks don’t actually do a great job of keeping dangerous people from getting guns. What does? A licensing system, where before you can buy a gun, you need a license from the state.

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35 thoughts on “The gun solution we're not talking about”

  1. Lol!!! At their comment ask all Americans 77 percent. What a crock, i know many people y'all didn't ask for a vote on that. So how can you even begin to state a number like that.!!

  2. Banning guns is like the alcohol prohibition. The more you try to ban it, the more people are going to find a way to get around it.


    A license to own a gun!? Really? A privilege requires a license. No one has the right the drive. A mandatory license to own a gun infringes upon the right to bear arms. A license relegates the second amendment to a privilege.

  4. in my country after getting license also you will have restrictions like your license will not be valid to all type of guns , common public have limited options to buy , you will be restricted on number of bullet you can have and you need to pay taxes to legally own a gun as common man

  5. So the first guy gets denied, and then he simply gets an ID from another guy with no criminal record who looks somewhat like him, and goes back and buys the gun under the other guy's name.

  6. These people are rediculous. This think tank of aristocrats, who are so far removed from the way life works for the rest of us, making decisions base upon statistics along with their 'perception' of how they think things should be. I'm not waiting weeks for someone to approve my sanity when I have done absolutely nothing wrong simply because your afraid. Police are defended, people are out of work and desperate due to covid, and lunatics are surfacing like sharks taking advantage of all of this…and yet you still want to hinder us law abiding citizens who are the 'ideals' of what an American is. If you can't understand me then you are not fit to lead me.

  7. Dont start off with a lie 91% agree? No. Of the representatives, there was nearly a 50/50. Be honest, of those selectively polled…
    Universal backgrounds checks do not guarantee anything accept a new fee for the government, longer wait times, yada yada.

    Good people with firearms are the ONLY way to prevent a mass shooting.

  8. Pretty sure theres a 7 day waiting period after filling out the background check… As a gun owner ive gone through this process.

  9. Licensing will stop minorities and other poverty stricken people from getting legal guns. Which will lead to more criminal convictions for minorities and those in poverty who need a gun to protect themselves from the neighborhoods they live in. This is a “solution” that will exacerbate the issues affecting minorities and the poor.

  10. There is no gun culture here in the UK and only police officers with a special licence may carry one and then only under certain circumstances.

  11. Look at Iceland, 1 in 3 people own a gun but gun crime almost never happens there. We should make everyone go through a long and thorough process to get a gun, it's more than worth it if it means saving so many innocent lives.

  12. As a UK citizen, I find this all very weird. There's no way for regular people to own guns and it not be dangerous. There is one straight-forward, reliable to solution to this, but America just refuses to do it. It's so obvious I don't even need to say what it is. You know what it is. It's a simple, binary choice: take the solution or accept the consequences of people having guns. America has chosen the latter.

  13. Watching Vox is like watching a presentation from a mentally challenged six grader that forgot the project was due today

  14. So a license will solve the gun problem ? Surprise, surprise, like it hasnt done that for half a century in half of europe.

  15. Give the left something and give the right something. Gun owners need to get a gun license to buy a gun. Voters need to have ID to vote. Both sides are happy this way

  16. Americans be like: “If guns become illegal the dangerous people that really want them will still get them. So just put in a background check so the dangerous people cant get them.”

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